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The Chariot

Negative events

You have selected the Chariot card in a reversed position, that means you will experience obstacles or challenges that are preventing you from moving forward in your life. You will experience or go through a lack of direction, may have feeling of being lost, unsure of your goals or how to achieve them, self-doubt, fear, insecurities, or feeling uncertain about your capacity to achieve your goals. You may be lacking the focus and determination needed to move forward.
You may have a feeling that you are losing control of your life, or experiencing challenges that are outside of your control, and you're struggling to find a way to regain your power. You may the feeling of being stuck or stagnant, and unable to make any significant changes or advancements in your life. An influential person will try to force you to use you for his/her purpose. Disappointment will have to be faced due to delays and delays in travel. Due to stubbornness, pride and ego, ambitions will remain unfulfilled and will have to face frustration. In short you may be experiencing obstacles or challenges in your life. It is the time to re-evaluate your goals and set your priorities, and to regain a sense of control and direction in your life. You need to overcome self-doubt or fear that is holding you back. Regular meditation will help you in achieving your overall purpose.

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