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The Empress

Negative events

The Empress is often associated with creativity, abundance, and growth. You have selected the Empress card which is in reversed position which indicates that there is a blockage or resistance to these aspects. You may have difficulty in manifesting abundance, or a feeling of being stuck in one's creative pursuits. Beware of an influential and wicked female who can use, misguide and emotionally blackmail to you. There will be money related concerns. You will experience frustration and irritation due to the behavior of people around you because you take care of everyone’s need but you have feeling of no support. Don’t neglect your needs; give first preference to yourself now. The Empress card in reversed position indicates the lack of harmony and balance in relationships. You will experience imbalance in your relationship which is due to a lack of communication, conflicting priorities, or a power struggle.
In short the reversed Empress card suggests that one need to examine their relationship, creativity, and how to nurture. It is important to work on your blockages or imbalances in order to move forward with greater ease and flow.

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