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The Fool

Negative events

You will face difficulties in the beginning of new work or venture. Don’t make any decision in haste, expert consultation is needed.  Don’t be too impulsive or reckless in your actions or you will face or you will face consequences of your decisions. You may have a sense of being stuck or stagnant in your life. People will try to pull you back. Break or come out of your shell you may lose important opportunities due to your shy nature.  There will be damage or you may fall in some problem due to immaturity and thoughtlessness, passionate situations will arise. Avoid show off, stay away from excessive lust or any kind of addiction.
Overall revered fool card is about being caution and thoughtful in your actions in all aspect of life. Reverse Fool card is a warning to avoid impulsive decisions and to carefully consider the potential outcomes of your choices.

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