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The Highpriestess

Negative events

You have withdrawn the High Priestess tarot card in the reversed position which indicates a lack of intuition or a disconnection from your inner wisdom. Do not ignore your gut feelings, if you will not trusting your instincts, it could leads you to poor decision-making or missed opportunities. It is a time when you have to bring hidden or subconscious issues to light. Do not repress your emotions or memories that need to be addressed, and it may be time to confront these issues and work through them. You may experience a lack of secrecy or confidentiality. Do not share too much of your personal information or secrets with others, it could lead to negative consequences. Do not try to keep secrets or withhold information from others, it could lead to mistrust or misunderstandings. Sometimes when the High Priestess card appear in reversed position that means you need to bring balance to your life. Do not focus too much on your logical, rational side and ignoring your emotional, intuitive side. It is the time to find a balance between these two aspects of you to achieve greater harmony and understanding. 

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