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The Judgment

Negative events

You have withdrawn the judgment card in reverse position, which indicate that you are struggling with the feelings of indecisiveness, self-doubt, let go of the past or make important decisions about your future, or a lack of direction in your life. You may feel that people around you are judging or criticizing you or that you are overly concerned with what others think of you. You will have a feeling of guilt, or you may have secrets or unresolved issues from your past. Rather than ignoring this feeling it is advisable to acknowledge these feelings and address any underlying issues that may be preventing you from moving forward. Take out some time and reflect on your values and priorities, and focus on what is truly important to you. You will experience delay and interruption spoiling your work. Do not doubt in your own judgment or decision, let go of your fears and trust in yourself. Due to fear and insecurities you will lose good opportunities. It is time when you have to stop judging yourself and start believing in your own abilities and instincts. If you will accept the changes willingly then you can move past this difficult period and emerge stronger and more confident than ever before. Events that are in your favor may take the opposite form or be delayed.

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