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The Temperance

Negative events

You have withdrawn the Temperance card in reverse position, which is indicating that there is an imbalance in your all aspect of life. You are struggling or facing difficulties to find a sense of harmony and moderation, and experiencing extremes in your thoughts or behavior due to which you will feel frustration, anxiety, or burnout everywhere and in everything. May be you are facing/experiencing or experiencing a lack of self-control or discipline. Do not indulge in unhealthy habits or impulses, which can have negative consequences for your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. Do not take any decision in haste or you may suffer loss and this tendency can block progress which further leads you to the frustration. Avoid arguments, domestic quarrels, and fights in family. In the matter of love and relationships, the reverse Temperance card indicates that there may be conflict or disharmony in your interactions with others or in personal relationship. You will finding it difficult or may be struggling to find common ground or to communicate effectively, leading to misunderstandings or arguments. In short the reverse Temperance card giving you a warning that it is nod for you if you will not pay attention to the areas of your life where there is imbalance or excess. It is advisable to practice self-discipline, to set healthy boundaries, and to find ways to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

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