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Jupiter in Different Zodiac Signs

The way planets behave or give results differently in houses, they give different results when placed in different Zodiac signs too. Jupiter will give good results in the 4th zodiac which is cancer because it is its exalted sign or in Pisces which is its own sign unless not placed or aspected by malefic planets.  The results will be inauspicious if placed in Capricorn in this Zodiac Jupiter gets debilitated. 


Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries males a person logical, son, wealthy and powerful, mature nature, is famous Tejasvi, has many enemies, spends a lot, is angry, etc.


Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus males a person brahmin, gives a huge body, is a devotee and graceful, indulges in agriculture and gains from the cattle trade, is endowed with worldly pleasures, is well-spoken, intelligent, virtuous, one who knows ethics, is humble, etc. 


Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini makes a person rich, scientist, beautiful-eyed, orator, simple-natured, clever, religious, poet, etc.


Jupiter In Cancer

Jupiter in makes a person scholar, handsome, pious, strong, well-known, famous, believes in doing good deeds, etc.


Jupiter in Leo

Strong enmity with enemies and jealousy of friends, scholars, rich, benefits from the political side, victory over the enemy, the muscular body loves to travel, etc.


Jupiter in Virgo

Intelligent, pious, skilled at work, determined, craftsman, charitable, gentle, clever, a knower of many languages, etc.


Jupiter in Libra

is intelligent, has many sons, is very wealthy, humble, fond of jewelry, scientist, beautiful, etc.


Jupiter in Scorpio

expert in scriptures, clever, a person is a good doner, has many sons, faces health issues, hard-working, very angry, pompous, etc.


Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a person religeous, a good teacher, gives stablity in wealth, a doner, a good and wise friend, and can have good position in ministry, such a person lives in a pilgrimage place


Jupiter in Capricorn

faces strength issues, is hardworking and dedicated, mean conduct, foolish, poor, does better in the job, fearful, melancholy.


Jupiter in Aqurius

Jupiter in Pisces makes a person backbiter, involved in lowly work, cruel, greedy, patient, self-destructive of wealth, mindless, etc.


Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces makes a person scientist, respectable, with steady determination, knowledgeable in politics, behavior is efficient and famous, etc.


Jupiter in different houses

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