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Mars in Different houses


Mars is similar to earth. Distance of the Mars from Earth is 140.92 million km and its radius is 3389.5 km. Among the planets, it has a commander rank. It represents power. It is considered an inauspicious planet. Mars is the lord of two Zodiac Signs, Aries, and Scorpio, and fix lord of 3rd house in the horoscope.  It stays for 45 days in one zodiac. It is exalted in The Capricorn at 28 degrees and debilitated at 28 degrees in The Cancer.  Mars considers the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter as a friend, Venus and Saturn as neutral, and mercury as an enemy. It is strong in the 10th house, it is considered Digbali in this house. Mars gives auspicious results to the Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius ascendant.  From its placement, it gives 4th, 7th, and 8th aspects. We see Strength, Courage, Might, Competition Fund Stimulation, Conspiracy Enemy Opposition, Controversy, Arms Commander, War, Accident, Fire, Wounds, Land, Real Estate Little Brother, Uncle's Boy Leader, Police, Surgeon, Mechanical Engineer, Fire Eyes, Brutal Nature, unstable intellect, independent nature, stubborn, young, younger brother, military nature air travel, assassin, labor leader, Kitchen, Engine, a Fire site, Battleground, Police station, blood muscle, bile, head, nose, ears, Blood-related diseases, High or low blood pressure, Bleeding, Acidic burns Abortion, Weapons, Land, Tobacco, Mustard, Metals/Gems Copper, Gold, Coral South direction Etc.

There are twelve houses in the horoscope and nine planets.  The planets can be in any house in the horoscope. Results will be given by the planet depending on its nature, placement, and relation with that bhav/house, or which side of life that house is related to. It is known that some planets are auspicious, that is, wherever they are placed, they will increase the Karak tatva of that house and some inauspicious planets spoil the Karak tatva/elements of that house.  That's why first of all see what effect each planet shows on different houses. Next is the Mars.


Mars in the 1st House/Ascendant

The First House/Ascendant - If there is Mars in the Lagna, then there is fear of head injury, grumpy nature, a blood disorder, mental sorrow, and disruption in work.  The body becomes strong.  Courageous and agile.  In childhood, there is a disorder of stomach and teeth, there is a thin body, later the body becomes strong.  But the person is dependent.  In this place, Mars of Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn are auspicious and fruitful.


Mars in the 2nd House

The Second House - Mars in this house gives Poverty, disfigured face, the company of evil people, and eye disorders.   Mars in the second house gives a rude and harsh speech. There is some business related to metal.  If Mars is weak or in malefic influence in this place, then definitely there will be disorders in the mouth, eyes, or ears of the person.


Mars in the 3rd House

The Third House- Mars of this place makes the person courageous, but it is harmful to elder and younger brother.  If Mars is in Capricorn, then the person is luxurious.  If it is in a debilitated sign, then wealth and happiness are destroyed.  According to western belief, Mars in this place causes fear of injury from vehicles and bad relations with neighbors.


Mars in the 4th House

The Fourth House - If Mars is exalted, or in its own sign in this house, then the land is obtained.  Livelihood is done through land only, but weak Mars causes family problems, and no happiness and the native didn't get a vehicle.  One has to live in the house of others and many types of suffering are received.  If there is Mars in this place of a woman, then she gets pain at the time of delivery.  The death of the mother.


Mars in the 5th House

The Fifth House - If Mars is strong in this house, then wealth, sons, and the happiness of friends are attained.  The intellect is fickle.  Person traveler, adventurer.  He is a religious sufferer. If Mars is in the house of an enemy or debilitated, then it creates the possibility of the death of a son.  The person will get into trouble with friends, and spouse.  Children are short-lived.  According to Western opinion, there is a loss in business due to Mars in the fifth house.  There is no peace in the family, nature is varchar.


Mars in the 6th House

The Sixth House - Mars in this house is destructs enemies.  The hunger of the person is very strong, he is famous and strong.  In this place, if Mars is exalted then it gives auspicious but it is inauspicious for the maternal uncle, as there is a blood disorder.  According to western opinion, the native gets trouble from the servants.  There is fear of fire.  There is a pain in the liver and joints.


Mars in the 7th House

The Seventh house- Mars in this house is inauspicious for the wife.  Under the influence of sin, the person loves fights or arguments and gives extra marital affairs.  If Mars is in a debilitated zodiac sign or in an enemy's house, then the wife's life is harmed, but exalted Mars usually does not give inauspicious results.  The wife will be rude and aggressive.  The Mars of this place creates some or the other obstacle to the happiness of marriage.


Mars in the 8th House

The Eighth House - Mars of this house is harmful to conjugal happiness, the person becomes patient, short-lived, mischievous, and unhappy.  There is a fear of getting hurt by weapons or by accident.  Eye diseases arise.  There is a tendency towards bad deeds.  In the 32nd year calamity comes.


Mars in the 9th House

The Ninth House - Due to the position of Mars in the place of religion, the person becomes violent and religious.  There is interest in sinful deeds.  There is a failure in the works, and fear of Poison, and fire.  If this Mars conjoins with Venus, then the person becomes adulterous, vicious, and unlucky.


Mars in the 10th House

The tenth House - Mars is digbali in the place of work.  The tenth member has been said to be auspicious, the person is mighty, invincible, serves great men, and is majestic.  The amount of pride is high.  According to the opinion of Parashar, the person gets good money, but the money does not stop.  He does bad deeds and the sons are also not good.  Mars from this place gets a position in the police or army or becomes an engineer or a doctor and also gets success.  Dasham Mangal definitely gives fame in the society.  If there is Mars with Navamesh and Dashmesh, then Rajyoga is a factor.


Mars in the 11th House

The Eleventh House - Mars this place gives benefits of wealth, happiness, clothes, gold, farming, etc.  The person is clever, lustful, and brave in speaking, strictly following his duty, has fear of fire and thieves, and sometimes loss too, there is the benefit of land property.  Friends are not believers. If it is auspicious in the water element, then objections come from friends.


Mars in the 12th House

The Twelfth House - Mars in this house usually gives inauspicious results.  Accident, theft, dacoity, death of father or uncle, diseases in the eye, if there is an aspect of Saturn, Rahu & Ketu on Mars of this place, then there is a possibility of going to jail.


Mars in the different Zodiac Signs

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