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Aquarius Ascendant

This is the 11th ascendant and its lord is Saturn. The people of Aquarius ascendant are usually tall to medium height. They have a strong body, wheatish and fair complexion. Some people have the illusion that the lord of the ascendant is Saturn. Hence the native will be dark/saavla or black but it's not true. they usually don't have good teeth but their personality is attractive. They have a good imagination. They cannot be fooled by flattery, rather they have a natural talent to recognize men themselves. They are not quick to act like Capricorn ascendant. Being more thoughtful, they spend a lot of time thinking about every aspect of work. They have a good memory. If Saturn and Moon are in benefic influence then the people of this ascendant are humanists and If Saturn and Moon are in malefic influence, then they become terrible criminals. Although they are very social, they do not trust anyone quickly, so the circle of friends is very small. For this ascendant Venus is auspicious because it is lord of the 4th and 9th houses. Being the lord of the 8th and 5th house and 8th house is known as an inauspicious house too but Saturn and Mercury are friends with each other, so Mercury is also a benefic planet for this ascendant. The Moon and Sun are also inauspicious for this ascendant because both are not friends with Lagan lord and the lord of the 4th and 5th house respectively. Jupiter is neither enemy nor friend with Lagana lord and may give good results. Though Mars is lord of the 10th house its mool trikon Rashi falls in the 3rd house which is an inauspicious house, and it is the enemy of the ascendant lord. Mars is also inauspicious for this ascendant.

1. Shani is an inauspicious planet but it is the planet of spiritual astrology, it is the Karak planet of Vairagya(detachment). And Vairagya arises when Jupiter gives aspect to Saturn.

2. If the Sun and Mars are placed in the 8th house, then they give inauspicious results in their Dasha and Anterdasha.

3. If Jupiter is placed in ascendant, and Saturn is placed in the second house then in the Dasha of Jupiter and Saturn, native gets mixed results.

4. If Saturn and Venus are placed in the 11th house then in the dasha of Venus native gets Yogkark results.

5. If The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are placed in the 3rd house they give success in politics.

While analyzing the horoscope, one must keep in the mind the planetary aspect in the appropriate yogas because if the malefic planets are giving aspects to auspicious yogas, then the auspiciousness will be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on inauspicious yogas, then there will be no more inauspicious effect. If auspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will be reduced. If inauspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will increase.


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