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Scorpio Ascendant

It is the 8th ascendant, and its lord is Mars. The Sun and Jupiter are friends to this ascendant and mercury and Venus are enemies to this ascendant. They have a special charm on their face. They are strong, not lazy, very active, always doing something, not afraid of obstacles, intelligent, good imagination, emotional and sensitive, they are lovers, very careful in the matter of finance, etc. Because mass is considered an aggressive planet, they are aggressive, get angry quickly, don't believe in the following tradition, inclination toward sexual activities, are good researchers, excel in all fields, and never forgive those who hurt them, very secretive, etc. From the financial point of view, their life goes well because the lord of the wealth house is Guru. They know how to earn money but don't know how to save it. Because Venus is the lord of expenditure house, they spend money for fun and pleasure. Pearl, coral, and topaz are auspicious gems for the people of this ascendant. Yellow and orange colors are auspicious colors for these ascendants.

For Scorpio ascendant, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are inauspicious planets. Jupiter and Moon are auspicious planets for this ascendant. Sun and Moon are yogkaraka planets, and Mars is neither good nor bad for this ascendant. The planet Saturn is inauspicious because it is Lord of the 3rdrd house. Mercury is also inauspicious for this ascendant because it is Lord of the 8th and 11th houses. Because Venus is Lord of the 11th and 12th house, it is markesh for this ascendant. Sun and Moon are The Lord of the 10th and 9th House, so Raja Yoga is formed by their relation.

1. In the horoscope of the Scorpio ascendant, if Jupiter and Mercury are placed together in auspicious houses, then the person becomes wealthy. This wealth acquisition occurs in the dasha and antardasha of Mercury and Jupiter.

2. If Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 7th house, then the person is very generous. Also, the dasha and antardasha of these planets are auspicious for the people of this ascendant.

3. If Mercury and Jupiter are placed in the 5th house, and the moon is in the 11th house then the native is very lucky.

4. If Jupiter, moon, and Ketu are in the 9th house then in the Mahadasha of the Guru, one gets fame and power.

While analyzing the horoscope, one must keep in the mind the planetary aspect on the yogas because if the malefic planets are giving aspects to auspicious yogas, then the auspiciousness will be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, if there is an aspect of an auspicious planet on inauspicious yogas, then there will be no more inauspicious effect. If the auspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will be reduced. If inauspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will increase.


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