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My believe and experience about astrology

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

We all know that Astrology is the study of planets and their impact on human life. Their placement in the horoscope/ Kundli decides what may happen or may not happen. I am practicing it for the last 15 years and my experience says that it is an excellent tool to give or take guidance. As it is not hard and fast, that it will happen, your karma also plays a very important role. Astrology can help but it can't change your destiny. For example, if it is there that you will get injury or loss, it will happen but if you know about it in advance you can make up your mind for the coming event. The loss will be there but not much because one can manage the situation, or injury will happen but if you will take care of yourself, the injury will be less. Sometimes I see people tell about they have achieved this or that, but according to me, it was destiny. In a horoscope, if planets are placed well or in favor then things really work but along with it, karma also plays important role. Because whatever karma we will do will bear fruit only when the right time will come. In my chart, some good yogas are there, but these yoga will work when the right time will come, but it won't stop me to perform my karma. I am doing my karma, and I will get results when the right time will come. Sometimes it comes early and sometimes it takes time. I have a strong belief in astrology but I don't follow it blindly. It gives me guidance. And trust me it gave me the right guidance whenever I need it. And I helped my family and friends too with it. Just tell them in advance "be careful these things may happen".


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