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"Unlocking Destiny: The Power of the Lou-Shu-Grid in Numerology

Symmetrical arrangement of numbers in the ancient Chinese Lou Shu Grid
Lou shu Grid

Lou Shu Grid

It is also known as Lo Shu Square, which is a unique arrangement of numbers from 1 to 9 in a 3x3 grid. It is an ancient Chinese tool and is closely associated with Chinese numerology and Feng Shui. Its history is 4000 years old. According to the legend, a mythical turtle emerged from the Luo River, carrying a curious pattern on its shell. This pattern was the Lou Shu Grid, and its numbers were believed to have magical and divinatory significance. It is similar to our Indian Surya Yantra. The only difference is If our Sura Yantra is turned upside down then it becomes Lou-shu-grid.

An image showing Surya Yantra and Lou-shu-grid with number placements.
Surya Yantra and Lou-Shu-Grid

Each row, column, and diagonal of the grid add up to the 15. This magical square became the foundation for various Chinese metaphysical and divination practices.

In Feng Shui, the Lou Shu Grid is used to determine the auspicious or inauspicious locations of different energies within a space. The numbers in each sector of the grid are associated with specific elements, directions, and aspects of life. Feng Shui practitioners use the Lou Shu Grid to enhance positive energy and balance within a space. In Chinese numerology, the numbers in the Lou Shu Grid are also associated with the Chinese Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and the Eight Trigrams of the I Ching.

How to use Lou-Shu Grid?

When a Lou-Shu-Grid is prepared, all the numbers of the date of birth, driver number, destiny number, and Kua number are added to it.

A Lou-Shu-Grid, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally number makes a connection with each other. There are 3 vertical, 3 horizontal, and 2 diagonal planes respectively.


Lou-Shu-Grid-Vertical Plane

An image showing a vertical plane.
Vertical Plane

Vertical Plane- 4,3,8 also known as the thought plane- good visualizers, strong, good planner, cunning in nature, can be a politician.

Vertical Plane- 9,5,1 also known as will plane- strong willpower, can adjust to any situation, make quick decisions, don’t delay, strong, approach.

Vertical Plane-2,7,6 also known as action plane- a person is ready to take action, quick approach, never misses an opportunity, good in sports.

Lou-Shu-Grid-Horizontal Plane

An image showing a horizontal plane.
Horizontal plane

Horizontal Plane- 4,9,2-Mental Plane-very sharp memory, intelligent, will do things differently.

  Horizontal Plane- 3,5,7-Emotional plane-very emotional, golden heart, spiritually inclined, religious, compassionate, helpful, think more with heart and less with mind.

Horizontal Plane-8,1,6- Practical Plane- going into the depth of the things, a very practical approach, arrow of prosperity (with strong planets in the Kundli)


Lou-Shu-Grid and Raj Yoga/Diagonal Plane

The Diagonal Plane in the Lou-shu-gris is considered as Raj Yoga in numerology. Not every date of birth has this Yoga.

An image showing a diagonal plane and Raj Yoga.
Diagonal Plane/Raj Yoga 1

1st Raj Yoga-4,5,6-Success Plane 1-very important and rare, you will not find it easily, also known as success plane, the person having this plane in the lou-shu-grid progress after birth of first baby, aggressive, balanced, rich.


An image showing a diagonal plane and Raj yoga .
Diagonal Plane/Raj Yoga 2

2nd Raj Yoga- 2,5,8-Success Plane, earth element- can be a good real-estate dealer, property, stability, very patient, wait for the right time to take action, never lose sight of goal, achieve success at an early age.


Lou-Shu-Grid-Small arrows

Small Arrows- these are small combinations of numbers, not very important but still have some meaning.

An image showing small arrows.
Small arrows

Small Arrows

9, 7 – Keep balance in situation

7, 1 – May have depression and anxiety issues

3, 1 - Spiritually inclined

3, 9 – Can be argued and may have litigation

Three Important Numbers used in the Lou-shu -Grid along with date of birth are the Driver Number, Conductor Number, and Kua Number and all the numbers of date of birth


Lou-Shu-Grid and Kua Number

It is calculated by adding all the numbers of your birth year. It is calculated separately for man and woman Kua number. In the case of males, the total of the year is deducted from 11, and in the case of females, we add the total of the year to 4. For example- the date of birth is 12/03/1978. We add all the numbers of years, 1+9+7+8=7. & is KUA Number. Now we use this number further to calculate the KUA number for Males and Female

For males- 11-7 = 4, Kua Number is 4.

For female- 4+7 = 11 = 2, Kua number


Lou-shu-grid and Driver Number

The driver Number is Also known as Moolank. And. It is calculated by adding the number of birth dates. For example, let’s take a date of birth 27 January 2012. Here, the birthdate is 27 Now we’ll add 27. Like 2 + 7=9. 9 is Moolank or Driver Number.

Lou-Shu-Grid and Conductor Number

Conductor Number also known as destiny number, life path number, Bhagyank. It is calculated by adding all the numbers of date of birth, for example, let’s take the date of birth. 27 January 2012 Now we will add all these numbers, like 2 + 7 + 0 + 1 + 2 +0 + 1 + 2 = 15 => 1+5=6, Here, the destiny number is 6.

Lou-Shu-Grid and Predictions

  • If numbers 6 and 1 are present in the grid then the person may have eye-related issues and get luxuries and benefits from the government.

  • If numbers 1 and 8 are present in the grid then a person may have bone-related issues, and joint pains, such person face sudden loss. during the age of 35 to 40 years.

  • If numbers 6 and 7 are present in the grid, then the relationship may not work, Karma, instability in married life or struggle.

  • If number 1 and 5 combinations are present in the grid competitive exams get clear easily.

  • If numbers 8 and 3 are present in the grid, then either the person becomes a good astrologer, consultant advisor or counsellor.

  • If numbers 7 and 5 are present in the grid, the person may be inclined to write or be fond of writing, maybe a blogger cannot express in words, a good email drafter.

  • If numbers 3 and 5 are present, a good astrologer and teacher, despite having money financial condition

  • If numbers 7 and 2 are present, then the person is intelligent, well-behaved, may have an addiction towards bad habits and may be involved in wrong deeds.

  • If numbers 9 and 5 are present then the person has good business skills but has bad speech which can spoil their work such a person can be a good doctor, or surgeon or may have their own business.

  • If numbers 3 and 4 are present in the grid, then the person may tend to do differently from the trend. They are different. They give the impression of a giver. Very good at politics.

  • If numbers 2, 1, and, 9 are present, a delay in marriage is possible and if happens, happens at an early age, with no stability, and an imbalance of hormones.

  • If numbers 9 and 4 are present in the grid, then the person may have to move from their place to earn money or they get food department in the office.


Lou-Shu-Grid and Missing numbers and remedies

Missing number 1 - no individuality, need external motivation, People with missing number 1 should give water to the Sun and 3 to 4 Ratti of ruby – in gold – on the ring finger.


Missing Number 2 – May have a lack of self-confidence, unable to express themselves. Monday-Pearl 3 to 4 ratti -in little finger-in silver.


Missing Number 3 – No support from parent, wife or kids. Get a mentor or Guru, keep a yellow handkerchief with you always, and put on haldi/kesar tilak.


Missing Number 4- Lost in their thoughts, lack of direction in life and less organised. Silver square of 10/12g keep with you always, visit Bhairov Mandir on Sunday.


Missing Number 5 – Less success in business, less inclination towards studies, difficulty in making others understand. Plant Tulsi in your home and water it, keep green hanky with you/ give anything to transgender people.

Missing Number 6 - If number six is missing from the Lou-Shu-grid a person may experience a lack of love, less marital pleasure material pleasure delay in marriage, etc, The solution, take a bath with rose water. Take and gift perfume or wear Venus.

Missing Number 7 - If number 7 is missing from Lou-Shu-grid then weak intuition power solution. Feed dog biscuits to brown dog and keep a light grey colour hanky with you.


Missing Number 8 - If the number eight is missing from the Lou-Shu grid, a person may have a lack of understanding. Donate chaya Patra daan, and wear an iron ring on the middle finger.


Missing Number 9 - If number nine is missing from Lou-Shu-grid, then a person may experience a lack of good sleep Brand name is not easy May experience bad publicity solution Worship, Lord Hanuman Keep a red hanky with you Offer Prashad on Tuesday to Hanuman ji.


Lou-shu-grid and Excessive numbers

Number 1- If number 1 is more than 2 times present in the Lou-Shu-grid then it’s a problem person will be talkative. Solution, take a copper coin and do Jal Prabha on Sundays.


Number 2 - if it is more than 2 times, then the person may be over-emotional, have anger issues, disturb emotions, etc. Solution, never wear dark colour clothes while sleeping keep a utensil filled with water and in the morning put it in some plants for 40 days regularly.


Number 3- If number 3 is present up to 3 times, not an issue but if it’s more than three times then a person may experience hurdles in education and professional growth, and the person may not get the benefits of this number. Solutions, not wearing yellow colour or eating yellow food, and donating religious books in the temple.


Number 4 - If number 4 is present only one time in the grid, it is good. But if it is more than 1 person may have to do extra physical work, and may not get a sitting job, the solution organised Rahu Puja at home for 1.25 lakh mantras jaap, white sandalwood jal pravaha on Saturday, 7 continuous Saturday.


Number 5 if number 5 is present more than two times a person may have controlling issues, harsh speech and work in partnership not suitable, solution, donation to transgender, feed soaked Saboot Moon Dal to birds.


Number 6 - If number 6 is present up to 2 times, it’s good. But more than two times not good a person may have a questionable character. Solutions, gift perfumes, donate some part of income to a communal wedding of girls.


Number 7- If number 7 is present one time, it’s ok. More than one may create problems in life in terms of relationships, money and kids. In short, the more 7 the more problems. Solution feed dogs, keep a white hanky, and wear a pearl pendent in silver.


Number 8 - If this number is present 1 time, it’s good If it’s more than 1 then the person may have laziness, may experience slow progress in life, and can be a miser or orthodox, Fixed mindset. Solution 1 Dry pooja coconut Jal pravah on Saturdays.


Number 9 - If number 9 is present more than once, then the person may have ego issues be short-tempered, quarrelsome, and proud. Solutions, no dark colour on Tuesdays Distribute suites too.



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