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When is Holi in 2024?

Holi Festival 2024
Holi 2024

When is Holi in 2024?

Holi is a Hindu festival. It is also known as the festival of colours that last for two days and hold great significance in Hindu culture. It celebrates the beginning of spring and the end of winter. It also celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated On the Poornima of the month of Phalguna. In other words, it usually falls in the later part of February or March. It is celebrated for 2 days. On the day of Holi, people play with colours, dancing singing and preparing delicious traditional delicacies like “Gujiya”. This Year holi will be celebrated on 25th march 2024.


When is Holi in 2024?

In the year 2024, Holi, the festival of colours, falls on Monday, 25th  March 2024. And Holika Dehan will be performed 1 day before, on Sunday, 24th March 2024, which is also known as Choti holi. The timings for holika dahan are 06:24pm to 08:51 pm.


Holi celebration 2024- Story

According to Vishnu Puran. Once upon a time there was a demon named Hiranyakashyup. He was very cruel. He had a son, Bhakt Prahlad. Bhagat Prahlad was devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap did not like Prahlad's worship of Lord Vishnu. He wanted people to worship him only. To stop him, Hiranyakashyap killed him by falling from the mountain but Lord Vishnu saved him. He told this matter to his sister whose name was Holika. She was blessed with a boon that fire Can’t burn her. She told Hiranyakashipu that she would sit in the fire with Prahlad, due to which Prahlad would be finished. When Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad, Prahlad was saved because he was chanting the name of lord Vishnu, but Holika got burnt to death. In this way good wins over evil, and we celebrate this victory with Holi.

When is Holi in 2024 and Remedies?

That is a belief that there are few festival on which, if an individual performs certain remedies, he can get rid of his or her problems Related to finance family bad luck etc. And those festivals are Holi, Diwali and both Navratri’s. Remedies or tornado cake can be performed any day but performing remedies or tornadoes on these festival gives results quickly and effectively. Holi is such a festival This year, Holi will be celebrated on 25th march, 2024. Below are some tona totkas Which, if followed can yield good results.

  • On the day of The Holi, go to the Hanuman temple and offer five red rose flowers to Hanuman Ji along with Gulal and make a wish. Your wish will definitely be fulfilled. 

  • If you want to save money, but facing difficulties due to unexpected expenses, then do this remedy. Bring some ash home from the place of Holika Dahan and then tie it in the clean red cloth and keep it in your locker in the shop or house and pray to goddess Laxmi to keep her grace on you. This remedy will definitely be beneficial.

  • Take a big yellow lemon without stain, then go to the deserted crossroads, cut the lemon into four parts, and throw those 4 parts in all four directions. After that return home but remember not to look back. Do this remedy with full devotion, and very soon you will get employment.

  • Paan ke patte (beetal leafs) are very much liked by goddess Laxmi. On the day of Holika Dahan take 7 beetal leaves. During Holi Ka Dahan, take seven rounds of Holika while taking each round Offer one beta leaf to Holika Seven beetal leaves and seven rounds of Holika. This solves the financial problems.

  • On the day of Holika dahan lit a four faced diya on the enterance. This will bring positive energy in the house.

  • Bring ashes of Holika dhan next morning and keep it in the house also removes negative energy.


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