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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot card Description

This is a card of willpower and making decisions. In this card, a warrior is standing in a chariot. The warrior is wearing an armor suit have two moons on the shoulder, a square on the front of the tunic, and other alchemical symbols. he is wearing a star crown the symbol of victory, achievement, and accomplishment. No one is driving the chariot in the image. It seems that the one who is standing in the chariot is driving it with his will. Six-pointed stars are made on the canopy of his chariot showing his connection to the celestial world and the Divine will. Two sphinx are sitting in front of the chariot which is black and white in color. Which shows the opposite force, right and wrong, positive and negative, duality. In the picture, both are pulling the chariot in opposite directions. But the one who is standing in the chariot with his will is taking both of them in the right direction. A river is flowing behind the night which tells us to go with the flow of life and Keep moving in the right direction with our goals and intentions. The Chariot represents people controlling and mastering animal passion and balancing negative and positive forces to achieve success. This card denotes success, Prestige, and wealth through sustained efforts after a triumph over difficulties or stresses it also signifies patience, endurance, sudden news, and fast travel.

Upright card(Keywords) - victory, willpower, discipline, courage, determination, Journey, change, decision-making ability, self-control, confidence, good news, new opportunities, making the right choice, etc.

Reverse card(Keywords) -  anger, dictatorship, ego, selfishness, pride, procrastination, frustration, challenges, problems, struggle, problem in decision making, Inability to choose from right and wrong, Travel in vain.

Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Element - Water

Planet -  The Moon

Cards in combination

If the justice card follows the high priestess then A hidden secret may come out into the light, and if coming after the high priestess then the same facts will be revealed only through Legal procedure. 

If both cards the justice and the high priestess cards are in reversed positions then a legal event or judgment will not go in favor or justice will fail.

When the justice card precedes the hanged man then tolerance is needed to soften the judgment.

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