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The Death Card

The Death Tarot Card Description

The death card this is the card of change for something better in future. The card image shoes a skeleton wearing a black armor, riding on a white horse; he is the Messenger of death. Skeleton refers to the part of the body that remains after the death of the human body. The armor is representing death, which is inevitable and has to come. The armor is black, symbolizing and the mourning and mysteries, the white color of the horse represents peace, strength, power and purity. he is caring Black Flag in his life left hand having white rose having five Petals, reflecting purification, beauty, immortality and the number 5 of numerology. All these symbols together tell that date does not mean the end of life. It is about beginnings and endings, change and transformation, birth and rebirth. In the picture, a person is lying dead on the ground which is a royal person. Three people a bishop, woman, and a child with folded hands in front of him and asking to spare them but as we know that is decided and death spares no one. In the background of the picture is a river with a boat flowing through it which is a vehicle to carry the soul after the end of life. In the picture, a bright sun is rising behind two pillars. The rising sun signifies that every night has a morning and light comes only after darkness. Dead card is a highly spiritual card and does not necessarily indicate physical death. It is about more a sudden overturning of the old life and the soul reborn. This card expresses changes, transformation, and regeneration of the soul, shock and destruction that leads to a new life. It also signifies a creative or artistic struggle that ends in triumph and the end of a troublesome period in life.


Element – Water


Planet – Pluto


Zodiac sign - Scorpio


Upright keywords- termination, change, withdrawal, endings, progress, strong friendship


Reversed keywords- resistance to change, inner purging, pause, miss opportunity, conflicts with friends.

Cards in Combination

  • When the Death card comes with the Tower card it denotes crisis, an accident, loss, and disaster but

  • If the tower card is inverted then a narrow escape from an accident or disaster.

  • When the death card comes after the lovers card that means end of a romantic relationship or marriage.

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