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The Devil card Meaning

The Devil Tarot Card Description

This is the 15th card of major Arcana. The Devil card represents great negative power and influence, materialism, physical and carnal desires. In the image the devil is represented by Baphomat a  man who is half goat and half human represents the balance between good and evil, male and female, and occult practice, he is having bat's wings on his back represents the focus on kernel desire can lead a parasitic life cycle. The Devil’s hypnotic stares and the lift torch in the left hand show that temptation of anything is unhealthy.  He has an inverted pentagram which is sign of the darker side of magic and occult. The devil is perched on a pedestal. Below the Devil two humans, a man and a woman, are standing naked beneath the devil, tied to chain in the neck, who are trapped in the devil's web or it signify that the devil has control over them.  They both have tails and tiny horns shows animalistic tendencies, physical and material desires, pleasure and lust. They both are doing it willingly. The devil card denotes a strong power used negatively, selfishly, unwisely, caused by fear, greed, violence and ignorance. It also represents superstition; or a life dominated by physical need or material gain, as well as a lack of sensitivity. The devils card also signify a sudden inexorable event, positive or negative depends on the surrounding cards.


Element – Earth


Planet – Saturn


Zodiac sign – The Tower


Upright Keywords- bondage, enslavement, fear, feeling trapped, materialism, temptation, unhealthy relationships


Reverse Keywords - breaking from addictions, divorce, freedom from restraints, lust, greed,

The Cards in Combination

  • If the hierophant card comes with the devil, then both cards cancel each other and the other cards will decide the outcome.

  • If the devil comes before the Emperor card then a protest, but if the Emperor card come first it indicates a threat with violence.

  • If the justice card comes after the devils card then it indicates injustice, but if justice card comes first it will prove to be a false acquisition.

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