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The Emperor Card Meaning

The Emperor Tarot card Description

The Emperor card is a card of power and authority. The emperor card represents the dominating male force. The Emperor card is numbered 4 in the major arcana.  The Emperor card is the father of tarot cards like the empress is the mother of tarot cards. In the image, it shows a man sitting on a stone throne having 4 ram's heads on it the symbol of Aries's zodiac sign and the planet mars. He is wearing a red robe. The red color is a symbol of passion, aggression, energy, and love. The Emperor is wearing an armor suit under his rob which shows that he is a protector and a warrior. He has an ankh symbol scepter in his right hand( Ankh is an Egyptian symbol of life). The Emperor has an orb in his left hand which shows that this person has the foresight and is futuristic He has a white beard which shows that the person is blessed with wisdom and experience. He has a mountain range behind his throne which is a symbol of a solid foundation but a very rigid thought process. He is wearing a crown made of gold which makes this person a king.

Upright Card(Keywords) -  authority, wealth and power, intellect, passion, romance, knowledge through experience, self-discipline, security, trust, willpower, logical thinking, self-confidence, organization, reliability, dependability, etc.

Reversed Card(Keywords) - Weakness, immaturity, failure, ambition, lust for power, lustful activity, treachery, dictatorship, the feeling of insecurity, authority, injury, misuse of power, authority, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Aries

Element - Fire

Planet - Mars

The Cards in Combination

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when the Emperor card is surrounded by cards from the pentacles suit, the querent will get an important position that deals with finance and brings with it responsibility and burdensome duties, gains from investments, and benefit from an influential person.

When the world card follows the Emperor card, it means a loss in a conflict or legal matter. If the emperor card is in the reversed position, it means conflict and dispute in personal life or loss of position.

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