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The Hermit Tarot card Meaning

The Hermit Tarot card Description

This image shows a man standing on a snow caped mountains, which represents his mastry over spiritualty, and his accomplishments. He is walking on the path of self-discovery that he has chosen for himself. He has a lantern in his right hand, inside which a six-pointed star is closed, which is the Which is the seal of Solomon. The lantern is spreading light on his way. But there is only so much light in the lantern that it can take one or two steps forward. He must move on the path knowing what's next Don't know. he is holding a long sector in his left hand which which shows the power and authority which he use to guide and balance himself.The Hermit represents the explorer and traveller in search of wisdom by his own inner-light protected by spiritual strength. It also represents inner enlightment, caution when choosing an unfamiliar but necessary path, delayed achievements, a wise counselor. this card also suggest that sometimes solution to a problem comes within, you just have to look inside yourself


Upright card(Keywords) - soul search, inner guidance, being alone, introspection, self analysis, calmness, advise, patience, etc.

Reverse card(Keywords) -  bigotry, skepticism, impatience, stupidity, loneliness, haughtiness, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Element - Earth

Planet -  Mercury

Cards in combination

If the high priestess card follows the Hermit card then a secret matter never comes to light, but if the hermit comes first then the patient will endeavor to discover the long-held secret.

If the devil card comes next to the hermit then they influence cards around them. the devil preceding the hermit card means his power will be stronger, but if the hermit card comes first then devious matters and enemies will be revealed by his light, and goodwill prevail.

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