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The Hierophant Card Meaning

The Hierophant Tarot Card Description

Hierophant is the 5th card of major arcana. Hierophant is a spiritual person like the High Priestess. In the image a person is sitting on a throne between two pillars, wearing three robes of red, blue, and white color and a three-layered crown having keys to haven on his feet. He has a papal cross, and a triple scepter in his left hand, which shows his religious status. The right hand is in the air pointing two fingers toward heaven and two fingers toward earth respectively. His raised hand shows that he is giving blessings and preaching, passing knowledge and wisdom, and inspiring them to follow the path of spirituality. Two people who are the followers, sitting on the floor listening to him. This is a spiritual Card like the High Priestess. This card tells us that choices and decisions can be made if the guide, counselor, or mentor is right. This is the card of possibilities in odd circumstances. The way to reach God is through a spiritual Guru(teacher).

Upright  Card(Keywords) - Adviser, wise counsel, wisdom, spiritual, solace, self-identity, healer, teacher, mentor, education.

Reverse  Card(Keywords) - wrong information, Misuse of position, poor counselor, non-follower of traditions, bitter speech, psychopath, etc

Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Element -  Earth

Planet - Venus

Cards in combination

If the Emperor comes next to the hierophant, there will be a struggle between the material and spiritual world, whichever card comes first will decide the outcome. If the Hierophant comes first either loss in venture or a financial loss. If the Emperor card comes first then there will be a loss due to a lack of information or knowledge.

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