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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess Tarot Card Description

The High Priestess is the second card of Major Arcana.  The High Priestess card represents inner life, spiritual enlightenment, mystery, and silence. the image shows a lady sitting on the throne wearing a blue robe, Her hand is in the lap, and carrying a scroll. She is wearing a diadem with horns having a glob in between them. She has a crescent moon on her feet. She has peace and satisfaction on her face. She is a teacher giving valuable life lessons Showing the path of spirituality. The high priestess represents the inner life, mystery, spiritual enlightenment, silence, philosopher, love for learning, and passing it to the people.

Upright Card Keyword - Positive thoughts, wisdom, hidden talent, restraint, planning, actions, events, intelligence, mystery, psychological ability, divine power, intuition, inner perception, occult studies, love of learning, spirituality, etc.

Reverse Card Keywords - Lack of intuitive power, misuse of psychic abilities, emotional insecurity, mysticism, interruption, dissatisfaction, wicked intention, misguide, black magic, occult practice misused, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Element - Water

Planet - the Moon

The Cards in combination

in a reading, if the High Priestess card comes in reverse and is followed by the temperance card then a problem will seem insurmountable.

If the High Priestess card comes upright and next to the wheel of fortune card then there will be victory in a legal matter.

If there is the Tower card next to the High priestess then there is insecurity and sudden upheaval. 

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