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The Judgment card Meaning


The Judgment Tarot Card Description

The Judgment card is the 2nd last card of Major Arcana. The Judgment tarot card is a powerful card. At the card centre, there is Archangel Gabriel, with large wings, hovering in the air. The angel is blowing a trumpet, which represents the call to awaken the spiritual gifts, and time to surrender. Below the angel, there are naked people rising from their graves or emerging from the ocean, arms outspread and looking up into the sky representing the resurrection and rebirth, signifying the shedding of old beliefs, patterns, and limitations. Their arms are outstretched towards the angel, as if ready to be judged and to find out if they will be accepted into the heavens or not, or reaching for salvation or divine guidance. In the background, there is a vast landscape, having mountains or a calm body of water which symbolize a higher perspective, the wider scope of existence beyond the physical realm. The Judgment card signifies a moment of evaluation, transformation, and self-reflection, a time of reckoning, where individuals are called to review their actions, make amends, and embrace a new beginning. It suggests the need to release limitation, fears, surrender, patterns, old habits, and a time for spiritual awakening and embrace a higher level of consciousness.


Element – Fire


Planet – Pluto


Zodiac sign –


Upright Keywords - Judgment, rebirth, inner calling, surrender, absolution, awakening, decision making, redemption, reincarnation, renewal, transition,


Reversed Keywords - self-doubt, inner critic, ignoring the call, Poor logic, Poor judgment, Self-doubt, unable to make right decisions, stagnation,

The Cards in Combination

  • When the chariot card followed by the judgment card then it brings fame and triumph. If the Chariot card is reversed then success and triumph will be for short time period and weaken the character.

  • If the Hermit card follows the judgment card, this means an inner spiritual triumph.

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