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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card Description

The Lovers card is the 6th card of Major arcana in the traditional tarot deck. The Lovers is the card of choice and balance. In the Lovers Tarot card, a man and a woman are standing in a beautiful garden, the garden of Eden. both men and women are naked. There is an angel above them giving them blessings. this is angel Raphael- the god of healing- represents both physical and mental healing respectively. Behind the woman is a tree with a snake wrapped around it which represents temptation- Temptation of sensual pleasure-Which leads a person astray from his path. Behind the man is a Flame tree with 12 flames on it- representing passion and attraction toward the opposite sex. In this image, the man is looking at the woman and the woman is looking at the angel-As if she is asking what is suitable for her. This is the card of balance- the balance between physical and spiritual love, choices to be made between right and wrong. This card suggests that a person should follow the path of devotion while living a household life. Namaskar represents the duality of an individual, represents a difficult choice between lipstick love and physical attraction, a complicated moral choice between love and career, a decision.

Upright Card(Keywords) - physical attraction, trust, love and commitment, intimate relationships, risk, pleasure, emotional satisfaction, mental state, harmony, friendship, affection, etc.

Reversed Card(Keywords) - lust, temptation, decision, separation, successful love relationship, confusion, emotional insecurities

Zodiac Sign - Libra

Element - Air

Planet - Mercury

Cards in combination

When the magician card follows the Lovers card it means in the decision to cut a new venture or a project, is Lovers card is reversed in this position then hesitation will result in separation.

If the Chariot card comes before the lovers card a certain departure that will halt aur affect a project or venture and if the lovers card comes before the Chariot card then there will be sudden Discovery betrayal.

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