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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

This is the first card of Major Arcana and it is numbered 1 in the deck. The Magician card is a commencement card, also denoting duality,  The image of the magician shows a man who is standing in front of a table having all the tools, playing tricks with them using his magical powers. He is balanced and focused. He is a magician playing tricks which shows that the person is skillful and confident. He is wearing a cap that has a symbol of infinity which means random or unlimited possibility and there is a start on his cap, showing his reputation in society. He is smart and handsome, and knows how to play games and impress. This is a commencement card. The magician represents duality, a union of personal and divine power, new beginnings, and opportunities that require talents. This card shows unlimited potential, will power to turn thoughts into action.

Upright Card(Keywords) - self-confidence, charm, willpower, new beginnings, new opportunities, enthusiasm, concentration, courage, thoughts, planning, and action, look for new beginnings, willpower, skillful communication, new skills, etc.

Reverse Card(Keywords) - Tricky, fraud, lack of confidence and willpower, indecisiveness, greed for power, misuse of power, a lack of focus, bad communication skills, confusion, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Gemini and Virgo

Element -  Air

Planet - Mercury

Next Card - The High Priestess

Cards in combination

If the magician comes next to the High priestess that means occult power is misused.

If the Magician Card and the Death Card are next to each other then they cancel each other.

If there is the Devil or wheel of Fortune appears with the Magician Card then there is a delay in work, venture, or project.

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