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The Star card Meaning


The Star Tarot Card Description

The Star card is the 17th card of Major Arcana. In the picture, a woman is sitting on a pond side with the support of one knee. She is naked which shows her vulnerability she has one foot on the ground represents practical abilities and a good common sense and other foot in the water represents intuition and dinner voice. She has the jug in both hands by which She is pouring water from one jug into the pond which shows these spiritual abilities and inner a strength of a woman and from the other onto the ground which seems like nourishing it and behind is a lush green land which show that her efforts are working. Above the head is a big bright shining yellow star shows he shows her core essence and there are five more stars on either side of the shining star which are white in color representing the 7 chakras. There is a green tree on which a bird is sitting representing the holy ibis of thoughts.


Element – Air


Planet – Uranus


Zodiac sign – The Aquarius


Upright Keywords - Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality, good will, serious, love, trust, desires, health, satisfaction, generosity


Reversed Keywords - Lack of faith and self confidence, despair, self-trust, disconnection, self doubts, pessimism 

The Cards in Combination

  • If the Star card comes before the Empress, it predicts a peaceful, happy, and conventional life, and if the Empress card comes before the Star card then strong ambition and sustained effort will bring success.

  • When the star card comes before the Magician card, then the fortunate start of a business scheme or an artistic venture.

  • When the Devil card and the Star card appear side by side, they cancel each other.

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