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The Strength Tarot card Meaning

The Strength Tarot card Descrition

Strength is the strongest positive card, showing the moral force of purity, the triumph of spirit.  the image shows a woman dominating and taming a lion. In the image woman calmly holds the jaws and forehead of a fully-grown lion. Lion is looking menacing and strong. The lion symbol of power, raw passion, and energy. She is calm, sorted, and collected and controlling the lion which shows that she is courageous, controlled and disciplined in times of great difficulty.  She is full of love and compassion. The woman wears a white robe representing the purity of spirit, and a belt and crown made of flowers representing power and authority used in loving ways. Over the head, there is a symbol of infinity that represents infinite potential and energy. The blue background over the mountains represents stability. this card influences the whole reading. The strength card denotes right as might-courage and power used wisely in a loving way, love conquering hate,  a lifetime opportunity that must be taken.

Upright card(Keywords) - strength, willpower, compassion, patience, courage, victory, mental fortitude, honesty, determination, tolerance, energy, inner strength, etc.

Reverse card(Keywords) -  cowardice, fear, inertia, defeat, insecurity, desperation, despair, missing opportunity, power used wrongly, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Leo

Element - Fire

Planet -  The Sun

Cards in combination

Strength card influences the entire spread and usually, it is positive if the the Strength card comes before the Death card then a serious health issue, which is not fetal, and if the Strength card comes after death then the abrupt breaking of a pattern of life.

When the Strength card comes before the chariot that means triumph after an enormous sustained efforts but if Strength card comes after the chariot that means great strength when facing future trials.

when the strength card comes after the Magician  that means in difficult times, the person should act cleverly with courage

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