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The Sun card Meaning


The Sun Tarot Card Description

The Sun is the 19th card of Major Arcana. In the image a large bright sun is shining in the sky spreading its light on the earth and its habitants. The bright Sun representing the source of life. Beneath the sun are four sunflowers that rise above the stone wall, representing four suits of Minor Arcana. In the foreground a child is sitting on a white horse. The horses calm, representing strength and purity. The child on the horse is happy and playing joyfully which is symbol of innocence and such happiness occurs when you are in alignment with your true self. The child is naked that means he has Nothing to hide. The Sun card depicts the childhood innocence and purity. The sun is a positive yes card it represents innocence, purity, a child like faith, and joyousness. It also denotes harmony and love in a relationship, realizing and ambition, successful achievement in any field and against all odds, good health, energy, end of self deception, material comfort, completed studies and the gift of gratitude.


Element – Fire


Planet – The sun


Zodiac sign – The Aquarius


Upright keywords - Joy, Happiness, marriage, material success and happiness, enlightenment, vitality, peace and harmony, positivity


Reversed keyboard- lack of clarity divorce or problems in relationship, lock of clarity and purity, low vitality, false Impressions, sadness, lack of enthusiasm, ego, overly optimistic, struggling with feeling down or no energy, inner child, etc.

The Cards in Combination

  • If the sun comes before the death card, then there will be a happy ending of something. 

  • When the sun card follows the Tower card then a sudden catastrophe will bring eventual benefit. 

  • When the sun and the two of cups come together then to loving and positive people mailed into a permanent relationship or marriage in other words.

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