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The Temperance card Meaning

The Temperance Tarot Card Description

The temperance is the 14th card in the major Arcana. The temperance card is the card of balance and spirituality. The image shows an Angel the symbol of a guide, peace and spirituality with wings. The angel is wearing a robe light blue color, on the front of which there is a triangle in the square. The triangle and square representing humans and nature's law respectively which tell that they are bound to the nature's law. The angle holding two cups in the hand and pouring water from one to another symbolize, flow of life, balance and focus.  There is a circle on his forehead which is the symbol of eternity. Angel’s one foot in the water that tells that go with the flow of life but double check everything before proceeding and one foot is on the ground which tells that one needs to stay grounded. It also tells that one needs to strike a balance between spiritual and materialistic world. In the back ground there are mountains and a path to reach there and the sun is rising. There are iris flower next to angel which tells that If you walk in life with a balance, then no matter how many difficulties you face, you will get success in the end. The temperance card represents the purification soul spiritual practice, combining of the active with the passive, and the unifying of both male and female elements. This card is symbol of peace, harmony, a good sense financial matters, a balance attitude towards life, 


Element – Fire


Planet – Jupiter


Zodiac sign - Sagittarius


Upright keywords- balance, harmony, alchemy, looking for divine intervention, vitality, energy, creative inspiration, health, self-control, focus


Reversed keywords- impatience, lack of foresight, domestic discord, conflicts, disharmony, imbalance, lack of patience, illness

The Cards in Combination

  • If temperance card comes before the justice card that means a long legal process is anticipated, resulting in equity and Justice, but if the justice card comes first then there will be delays and possible cancellation. However, if the Temperance card is inverted and the Justice card is near then it puts an end to delay and brings success.

  • If the lover card comes after them that means indecision, but if the Lovers card is inverted, then the lover is being deceitful.

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