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The Tower card Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card Description

The Tower card is the 16th card of Major Arcana cards. The Tower card symbolizes new beginning after sudden changes. It is also a card of chaos and destruction. In the images there is a tower build on the top of the mountain which represents weak foundation. Lightning strikes the top of the tower, due to which the crown is removed and has shaken the foundation of the tower. Here lightening representing the destruction, chaos, sudden and unexpected changes. Two people are seen falling down from the top windows of the tower, and they don't even know what is going to happen to them next. Their ambitions and dreams Barbie stone false promises and weak foundation. A tower which is solid also fell due to lightning because its foundation is weak. But this card teaches a lesson for life. There are 22 Flames around them, 10 flames representing the tree of life and rest 12 flames representing the 12 zodiac signs. The tower card represents sudden changes brings eventual happiness. It signifies the closing of the karmic circle, the shuttering of illusions, cleansing catharsis, selfish ambitions destroyed, a disruption or change of life pattern something better in life in a long run, bi beginning of enlightenment and a sudden unexpected shock.

Element – Fire


Planet – Mars


Zodiac sign


Upright keywords- sudden changes, up cable, chaos destruction accidents, sudden and unexpected changes or events, revelation, awakening, loss, tragedy, confusion, divorce


Reverse Keywords- fear of change, personal transformation, catastrophe, renovation, unexpected change, destruction

The Cards in Combination

  • When the tower card comes before the high priestess, it causes disaster in traditional institution.

  • The tower card and the High priestess card come in reverse position then a mental breakdown is coming physical collapse. 

  • If the world card comes with the tower card then the outcome will be general then personal.

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