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Venus in diffrent Houses


Venus is the second planet after mercury and is near the sun. Venus's distance from Earth is 219.89 million km and its radius is 6,051.8 km. Venus is known as the morning and evening star because it is near the Sun and visible after Sunset and before Sunrise. Venus stays approximately for a month in the zodiac. Venus considers Mercury, and Saturn friends, the Sun and Moon enemies, and Mars and Jupiter neutral. Venus Gives auspicious results to Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn. In astrology, Venus is considered to be the factor of fun, joy, physical pleasures, and women. After Jupiter, Venus is counted among the natural auspicious planets. Venus is lord of the two Zodiac Signs Taurus and Libra and fixes lord of the 7th house. It is exalted in Pisces at 27 degrees and debilitated in Virgo at 27 degrees. We see Vehicles, luxury, prosperity, love, marriage, Child birth-related problems, sexual organ disease, wife, lust, youth, happiness and prosperity, ornaments, beauty, fragrance, flowers, creativity, designer objects, white-colored objects, beautiful body, big eyes, curly hair, poetry, music, black hair, desire, alcohol, drugs, short height, sexual diseases, eyes, intestines, appendix, Dimond, silver. 


Venus in 1st House

The First House or Ascendant- If there is Venus in the Ascendant, then the person becomes beautiful. The position of Venus in the Ascendant of females gives them a special beauty. This Venus creates more lust. Skilled in singing, expert in craft and there is a kind of beauty on the face. If there is Venus in the horoscope of a man or a woman, then married life is happy. According to Acharya Mantreshwar, it makes the person attractive, happy, and long life. The person is generous and a gentleman. If it is in Venus, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, or Pisces, it gives special auspicious results.


Venus in 2nd House

The Second House- If there is Venus in this house, then the person becomes rich, luxurious, with sweet speech, full of knowledge, and an artist. Money is received. The person is clever in conversation. The family becomes complete. One gets the happiness of food, clothes, a vehicle, etc. Due to Western opinion, the person is fond of clothes, ornaments, and women. Business is good.


Venus in 3rd House

The Third House - With Venus in the third house, the person becomes happy, wealthy, stingy, and subordinate to women. If there is a malefic planet with this Venus, then one gets grief, disease, and intoxication. There is money gain in the 26th year. According to the opinion of some scholars, the Venus of this place mostly gives inauspicious results. For example, the person is miserly, unpleasant, lean, poor, sensual, and gives trouble to gentlemen. Even according to western opinion, the third house Venus or if Venus is in inauspicious yoga, then the person becomes an adulterer.


Venus in 4th House

The Fourth House- Venus situated in this house gives results almost like Jupiter. The person is respectable, happy, beautiful, rich in wealth and vehicles, patient, and patient. According to Vashishtha, he is in a high position and rich. According to Garga, the native is long-lived, mighty, and honored by the king. According to western opinion, if the Venus of the fourth house is afflicted by some evil, then there is no ancestral property.  You get good happiness from your parents.  The latter part of the age goes best.  Death happens in good condition.


Venus in 5th House

The fifth house - due to the position of Venus in this place, the person becomes rich and becomes a minister or a high official.  He gets state honor.  There are more female children.  He is loved by the haters.  Poetic in nature.  According to western opinion, the courageous, and victorious.  children are beautiful and obedient.


Venus in 6th House

The Sixth House - Venus in the sixth house is inauspicious.  Venus in the 6th house is not suspicious of the wife. The person suffers from many diseases and is afraid of enemies, poor and weak.  The Venus of this place is auspicious for the maternal side.  The person has less libido.  Expenditure is more. There is also a decrease in the happiness of the parents. There are genital diseases.  There is a pain in the eyes also.


Venus in 7th House

The Seventh House - The Venus of this Bhav makes one wealthy and fortunate.  The life partner is beautiful, fortunate, wealthy, fair complexioned, beautiful-eyed, and of gentle nature.  Skilled in the arts.  Sometimes get married at an early age.  According to western opinion, marriage at a young age with a beautiful partner and after marriage earns wealth.  There is special success in public dealings.


Venus in 8th House

The Eighth House - The Venus of this house makes the person long life, happy and wealthy.  Death happens in a holy place.  Women are worried about their sons.  It is malefic in the fourth year of age.  The person becomes indebted.  The land is acquired. Money will be received by women in western opinion.  Property is received through someone's will.


Venus in 9th House

The Ninth House-Venus of this house or Dharma Bhav connects give good wealth, and friends.  A person with Venus in the 9th house is one who respects the teacher and the guest.  He is fortunate, has many qualities, and makes progress through his hard work, getting respect in society.  In the 25th year, there is good luck.


Venus in 10th House

The Tenth House - Venus in the tenth house makes one happy, luxurious, wealthy, famous, and intelligent.  Native fortunate, respectable, inclined towards meditation worship, etc. According to western opinion, the Venus of this place gives all kinds of pleasure and happiness.  Nature is calm and sociable.  Marriage brings fortune and business.


Venus in 11th House

The Eleventh House- If there is Venus in this house, then the person is without grief and good income with servants.  Traveling works are beneficial.  Money is obtained from arts like poetry, drama, music, etc.  Good servants are obtained, they are rich, religious, virtuous, and devotees of God.  According to western opinion, progress is made with the help of friends.  Luck arises from the help of women.


Venus in 12th House

The Twelfth House - If there is Venus in this Bhav, then the person is lazy, misbehaving, subordinate to women, and skilled in sex sports.  There are many expenses.  The conduct is suspicious.  Most of the Acharyas are of the opinion that the Venus of the place of expenditure makes the person greedy and adulterous.

Venus in Different Zodiac Sign

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