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Libra Ascendant

It is the 7th ascendant. The Sun, moon, and Jupiter are inauspicious for this ascendant, and Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are auspicious for this ascendant. According to Rishi Prasher Saturn is yogakarak for this ascendant because it is lord of the 4th house which is the center and the 5th house which is trikon. Mercury and the moon are also Yogkarak for this ascendant because Mercury is lord of the 9th house, the house of Dharma, and Moon is lord of the 10th house, the house of karma which forms karmadhipati Yoga. Though it is Lord of the expenditure house being auspicious and Lord of the 9th house, it is not inauspicious for this ascendant. According to rishi Prasher, It is yogakarak for Libra descendants. Mars is Marak for this ascendant because it is lord of the 2nd and 7th houses.

The people born in Libra ascendant are usually tall and have curvy limbs and attractive personalities. These people are of balanced thoughts and do every work very carefully. they think a lot before doing or taking up work in their hands. Venus is the lord of the Ascendant, so they are lovers of art and beauty. These people are good singers, painters and sometimes. They have a special sense of social interest and humanity. There is a feeling of giving comfort to others by suffering themselves. The life of these people is full of success. Imagination power and self-power are abundant. They are of religious views and have a special interest in meditation, hymns, and spiritual practice. These people are calm of nature, sweet, talkative, and humanistic. They have a spiritual approach in every work. Married life is successful and sweet. If you go into politics, you prove to be a good diplomat. From the point of view of health, they seem healthy, but they are soft. They are often prone to kidney disease. Diamond and Sapphire are auspicious gems for the native of Libra ascendant. Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday are auspicious days for these people. Monday is best for the accomplishment of special tasks. White, blue, and green are auspicious for this ascendant.

​1. If Saturn of Libra ascendant is in the fourth, fifth or ninth house then it provides special auspiciousness.

2. If Sun Venus and Mercury are placed in the ascendant, then the person is lucky and wealthy.

3. If Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are placed in the ascendant, then the person is lucky and wealthy.

4. If Moon and Mars are in the seventh house, then in the Mahadasha of Mercury, the person gets wealth and fame.

5. If Jupiter is in the sixth or twelfth house and the Moon is in the ascendant, then the Mahadasha of Saturn provides special auspiciousness to the Libra ascendant.

6. Because Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 7th house. Therefore, it is a complete markesh for the Libra ascendant.

7. The combination of Jupiter and Venus is not beneficial for the Libra ascendant. Especially in the 9th and 5th house. This conjunction in the 7th house also gives inauspicious results. The person, who has this yoga, does not have good health in the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Venus and Mahadasha of Venus and Antardasha of Guru.

8. The Jupiter of Libra ascendant is inauspicious because it is the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses. If this Jupiter is placed in the 3rd or 9th house, then the person progresses in its dasha. The reason for this is that being placed in the 9th house gives aspect on the Lagna, 3rd, and 5th house. Also looks at its mool trikon Rashi. It gives promising results when it is in the center from Sagittarius and also in the center from Pisces. When placed in the 3rd house, it gives an aspect on the house of luck and the house of profit. Hence gives material success.

9. Sun is not able to give auspicious results to the Libra ascendant even though he is the lord of the 11th house because he is the enemy of the ascendant. It has often been seen that Libra ascendant faces any obstacle in getting the complete happiness of the father.

10. Though Saturn is the Yog Karak planet for Libra ascendant, if Saturn placement is not good then it won't be able to give the complete result.

While analyzing the horoscope, one must keep in the mind the planetary aspect in the appropriate yogas because if the malefic planets are giving aspects to auspicious yogas, then the auspiciousness will be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on inauspicious yogas, then there will be no more inauspicious effect. If auspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will be reduced. If inauspicious yoga is in the trik bhava then their results will increase.


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