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Aries Ascendant

The Lord of the ascendant is Mars. The height of the person of this ascendant is slightly taller than normal. If a dry planet is in the ascendant, then the body will be thin. If there is a planet with a water element or earth element in the ascendant, then the body is full. For example, if the position of Mars is in the Ascendant, then the native will be thin but strong. People born under this ascendent have a birthmark or injury mark on their forehead. Round eyes, dry hair, wheat complexion, fast, aggressive nature, rowdy in childhood, courageous, entrepreneur, ambitious, progressive, leading an independent ideology. Aries ascendant's Mars being the lord of the ascendant is auspicious. Mars's second zodiac sign, Scorpio fall in the 8th house of this ascendant, and the 8th house mars is not considered good, But here mars is the lord of Aries ascendant and the lords of center and trikon are auspicious mean they will give good results. Lord of the 4th house moon, lord of the 5th house Sun, and, lord of the 9th house Jupiter are auspicious for these ascendants. Saturn is not considered good for this ascendant because it is the enemy of the ascendant lord. Mercury is also not good for this ascendant because it is lord of the 3rd and 6th houses, these are considered inauspicious houses. Though Venus is an auspicious planet it is not good for this ascendant because Venus is lord of the 2nd and 7th houses which are the maraka house and not good for health and age, but it will give material pleasures if it is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th house. Because Venus is lord of the 2nd and 7th house it is markesh for this ascendant. Some astrologers believe that if Jupiter is in the 10th house it can be markesh too for this ascendant and Mercury and Saturn both can be markesh to this ascendent as Mercury is lord of two inauspicious houses and Saturn which is karaka of death is an extremely good friend of Mercury.

Being the lord of the 9th and 10th houses Jupiter and Saturn don't create Rajyoga for this ascendant. Venus in the 12th house is benefic. If Venus and Mars are in conjunction, then both karaka and marak results are obtained. If Jupiter, Mars, and Venus conjunct in the 2nd house, it creates Rajyoga, but if this combination falls in the 3rd house then it will not give auspicious results. Mars and Jupiter's conjunction in the 4th house gives yoga karaka results. Mars is the 5th house that gives auspicious results during its Dasha period. Mars with Mercury in the 6th house give injuries, and skin problems in their Dasha and Anterdasha period. Mars in the 8th house with Sun and Venus gives fame. Mars and Sun in the 9th house or Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in the 7th house then native gets auspicious results. Venus and sun in ascendant give good results. Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 11th house give the money in their Anterdasha. Sun in ascendent and moon in 4th house creates Rajyoga. Jupiter in ascendent gives good health and wealth. If the sun is in the 9th house and aspect of Jupiter gives good luck and a high position.

These are a few Yogas of Aries ascendant. Point to be noted that if malefic planets give aspect to these Yogas, then natives will not get the desired results.

While analyzing the horoscope, one must keep in mind the planetary aspect in the appropriate Yogas because if the malefic planet is aspected on auspicious Yogas, then the auspiciousness will be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on inauspicious Yogas, then there will be no more inauspicious effect. If auspicious yoga is in the trik bhava, then their results will be reduced. If inauspicious yoga is in the trik bhava, then their results will increase.


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