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The Suit of Cups Tarot

The Suit of Cups

Water is changeable, can be both beautiful and dangerous, has different depths, and sometimes lies unseen and hidden deep below the earth. The Cups suit-linked to water symbolize emotions and the subconscious. The Cups have always been linked with the church because they are portrayed in the oldest tarot decks as chalices. These cards are linked more with worldly matters than spiritual conflict. The Cups are traditionally associated with the heart and its positive aspects, such as joy, dreams, romantic and spiritual love, worldly success and happiness stemming from luxury, the enjoyment of wealth, beauty, pleasure, fertility, and artistic creativity. Out of 14 cards two cards denoting romance, wealth, and creativity are the “Two of Cups” and the “Nine of Cups”. The first can describe a new love, a lifelong friendship, a happy reconciliation, and depending upon surrounding cards.  The Nine of Cups is the wish card symbol of happiness in love, a joyous friend or lover. The Nine of Cups is the wish card and symbol of happiness in love, and a legacy or a wish- possibly concerning money-also denotes creative success. The creative aspect of the Cups' Suit is derived from an association with the medieval church that kept many emotionally and religiously devoted scholars, artists, and scribes within its walls. This is demonstrated by the three of Cups, which symbolizes celebrating the completion of a creative project, while the Seven of Cups denotes an offer or a dream that fuels creative ambitions.

Although the Suit of Cups is happier than sad and more positive than negative, it can also denote jealousy, hurt, pain, rejection, an overweening love of pleasure or luxury and vanity, and egotism and a preoccupation with self. The more Cups cards in a spread means problems have arisen through emotionalism and the querent must balance and control emotions to view life realistically.

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Ace of cups.jpg

Ace of Cup

The card shows a hand emerging from a cloud, holding a golden cup overflowing with five streams of water. The cup represents the vessel of emotions and subconscious mind, five streams represent the five senses and the hand symbolizes an offering or a new opportunity. Below the hand, there is a calm sea covered with Lotus flowers. The water from the Cup falling into a calm sea represents abundant love, compassion, and emotional fulfillment. The background may include lush greenery or flowering plants, symbolizing growth and fertility. The Ace of Cups also denotes a romantic meeting, or a new love affair, which if near other love cards- will result in marriage, or, if near the Empress, can denote motherhood or creative inspiration. It also symbolizes joy in artistic endeavors, as well as spiritual nourishment, deep faith, happy company, and good news.


Upright Keywords-new beginnings, love, emotional fulfillment, intuition, compassion, creativity, spiritual awakening, abundance, joy, new relationships, emotional healing.

Reversed Keywords-blocked emotions, emotional instability, lack of fulfillment, emotional drainage, difficulties in relationships, unresolved issues, emotional emptiness, self-neglect, need for emotional healing, seeking inner balance.

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups card showing two individuals standing face to face, each holding a golden cup in their hands which symbolizes a harmonious union or partnership. There is a sense of equality, trust, warmth, and intimacy, looking into each other's eyes and sharing a genuine bond, and an emotional connection between them. Above them there is Caduceus Hermes staff with two snakes wrapped around it (an ancient symbol of commerce, trade, and exchange.), and at the top of the caduceus is a lion’s head with wings, signifying passion and fire energy. The cups themselves represent the emotions; this card signifies deep emotional connection, mutual understanding, and the potential for a loving relationship or partnership. The two of Cups also indicate a deep understanding of one another that combines emotion with spirituality to create a permanent bond, a love affair, an engagement, a new partnership, or a lasting friendship. It can suggest reconciliation after a parting, or rivalry ended, a contract or agreement is signed, a lovely surprise, and limited support or money is given.

Upright Keywords-love, partnership, union, harmony, connection, emotional bond, equality, trust, intimacy, mutuality, marriage, engagement

Reversed Keywords-disconnection, disharmony, broken Relationship, lack of trust, emotional distance, imbalance, miscommunication, unfulfilled connection

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups card is the card of celebration and reunion. In the image, three women dance in a circle and raise their cups high in the air in a toast of joy and celebration. They are sharing a warm and long-term friendship or meeting after a long time, happy for each other’s achievements and celebrating success The garden is full of plants, and fruits, and a pumpkin represents the goodness in life, prosperity, and the celebration of an abundant harvest The cups are usually overflowing with abundance, representing an abundance of emotions, happiness, and positive social connections. The Three of Cups represents the feminine element in nature bringing emotional growth, love, and fulfillment in a marriage or relationship. Sensitivity to others and a capacity for giving means that love and friendship will light the querent future. It could also signify a victorious conclusion to a matter and creative ability bringing joyous rewards.


Upright Keywords-celebration, friendship, joy, harmony, socializing, abundance, camaraderie, togetherness, festivity, positive connections

Reversed Keywords-social disconnection, discord, disappointment, isolation, misaligned values, conflict, unresolved issues, emotional drain, lack of support

Four of Cups

In the image of the Four of the Cups card a young man is sitting under a tree with crossed arms that show that he is holding himself back, he is in his own world, he does not know what is happening around him because there are three more cups lying near him and he is not noticing them. He is in contemplation mode. At the same time, one hand is coming from the cloud and holding a cup. It looks like the hand that has suddenly appeared from somewhere wants to or offering help to him. But that young man is not paying attention to that either. It also reminds us that when a person is lost in his own world, he misses many opportunities and chances, whether personal or professional life. The Four of Cups card shows that discontent with life will lead to self-examination and a search for a new direction in life or a change of career. It can also mean that meddling, jealousy, or hostility from others could ruin a budding romance or friendship and advises listening to the inner voice. The Four of Cups card is the card to come out of the world of dreams and face the real world.

Upright Keywords-contemplation, introspection, apathy, boredom, complacency, missed opportunities, emotional withdrawal.

Reversed Keywords-new perspectives, acceptance, openness, opportunity, gratitude, renewed interest, embracing change

Five of Cups

In the image of the Five of Cups card a man is wearing a black robe and his head is also bowed, and 3 cups are lying in front of him, this scene shows that this person is very sad and frustrated with loss, grief, failure, and disappointment. There are two more cups behind his back in standing position which shows that everything is not over yet. At the same time, there is a bridge over the river flowing at a short distance, which can be taken across the river and can take him to his hometown or a place where he can regain it again. The only thing this person has to do is turn back take what is remained and move on. The Five of Cups card is symbolic of something finished and something new beginning. New paths are about to be explored or a new life is about to start. May also denote an inheritance, regrets after loss, a love affair finished, or past behavior or a mistake made, with the warning that one's inner voice and spiritual needs must never be ignored. inner voice and needs must never be ignored 

Upright Keywords-loss, disappointment, regret, sadness, grief, focusing on the negative, dwelling on the past, resilience, the potential for healing

Reversed Keywords-acceptance, moving on, forgiveness, releasing pain, new perspective, finding silver linings, resilience, embracing opportunities, emotional healing

Six of Cups

In the image of Six of Cups, there are two children in the picture, a boy and a girl, the boy is giving flowers to the girl in the cup. The surround is very quiet and peaceful. The main exchange that is taking place between the two shows the mutual understanding, reunion, Love, harmony, cooperation, and Respect for each other, the beginning of a Partnership or a Venture, and the Purity and Innocence of Children. There are five more cups, four in the foreground and one behind the boy on a pedestal, full of fresh flowers with green leaves, the children are standing in the courtyard showing abundance and prosperity. The Six of Cups indicates that past efforts or contacts will now bring benefits. It points to something that had its beginnings in the past, such as a love affair, a long-held ambition, or an old friend who is about to reappear. The results of past actions may now influence the present and this card warns you not to live in the past.

Upright Keywords-Nostalgia, innocence, childhood, joy, generosity, kindness, reconnecting with the past, sentimental memories, simplicity

Reversed Keywords-Difficulty letting go, unresolved issues, living in the past, emotional baggage, refusal to grow, longing for what was, misplaced nostalgia, need for healing and release.

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups card is a card of choice. In the picture, there is a young boy who has 7 cups above in front of him emerging from the clouds with which something is kept in it some cups have desired gifts like jewels, a castle, and wrath of victory, and other cups carry a snake, dragon, a female face, which shows many opportunities coming all together but some are good and some are not. The clouds and cups represent wishes and dreams. The young boy seems lost, confused, and not focused on what opportunity and path he should pick. This shows that one has to be smart to pick the right choice, and for that, the person must go beyond the illusion and allure and focus on what is right. The Seven of Cups card denotes an unexpected and exceptional offer requiring wisdom to make the right choice in order to see a dream fulfilled. It also symbolizes mystical experiences, as  well as mental ability and creative inspiration, that could bring surprising rewards, but with a warning that the querent could have become a "Jack of all trades, master of none."

Upright Keywords-Choices, options, fantasies, illusions, daydreaming, imagination, multiple opportunities, decision-making, exploration of desires.

Reversed keywords-Clarity, realistic expectations, prioritization, discernment, grounding, focusing on practical goals, making informed choices, releasing illusions or distractions, decision clarity.

Eight of Cups

In the Eight of Cups image, a person is walking away from a stack of eight cups and they are placed like one is missing showing a lack of wholeness and emotional fulfillment, leaving them behind shows that he is leaving behind emotional attachments or situations behind which are no longer helping or serving his purpose. The figure appears contemplative and determined, embarking on a journey or quest. The river is flowing nearby which is the symbol of emotions and the mountain on which he is climbing which shows that the journey ahead is not easy. The Moon in the sky illuminates his path, which also shows that he chose a time when he can leave everything behind unnoticed to avoid a situation or problem. The Eight of Cups expresses a deep spiritual change brought about by suffering or disillusionment. It can signify a new maturity through suffering, forgetting the past and seeking new paths in life, new activities that bring much happiness, leaving a place or a situation behind, and meeting new, genuine friends of an artistic and spiritual nature.

Upright Keywords-Letting go, moving on, seeking a higher purpose, introspection, self-discovery, soul-searching, leaving the past behind, embarking on a new journey.

Reversed Keywords-Fear of change, clinging to the past, avoidance, reluctance to let go, missed opportunities, emotional baggage, indecision, staying in stagnant situations.

Nine of Cups

In the picture, a man is sitting on a wooden stool with his hand crossed, which shows that he is so happy that he is not able to openly show his happiness or express himself. From the expression on his face, it seems that he is happy, satisfied, and any of his wishes have been fulfilled. There is an arc-type structure behind the man which is covered with blue cloth and on top of 9 cups are placed in a decent way, it looks like he is showing his achievement and success. From my point of view, there is another meaning of this image the way he is sitting with his achievement, it seems like he is getting click himself with his achievement to remember it.

The Nine of Cups is a strong and positive "wish card" that denotes both material and emotional security, the complete fulfillment of one major wish or desire in life. This card also symbolizes generosity, kindliness, good health, intuitive awareness, and good luck, but with a warning that overindulgence or contentment in the pleasures of life could undermine artistic endeavors or commitments.

Upright Keywords- Contentment, emotional fulfillment, abundance, satisfaction, wishes granted, joy, gratitude, harmony, emotional well-being.

Reversed Keywords- Dissatisfaction, unfulfilled desires, lack of contentment, disappointment, greed, unrealistic expectations, emotional imbalance, seeking validation externally.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups card is the card of love, peace, harmony, and success. In the image of the Ten of the Cups, a couple is standing next to each other and their arms are up, looking up at the sky, It looks like they are thanking the above for whatever they have or showing their gratitude. There are two children playing nearby, symbolizing a happy and fulfilled family life. Above his head is a rainbow which is symbolized a sense of hope, fulfillment, and emotional well-being. Rainbow has 10 cups that are placed in an arc-shaped manner, which are symbols of abundance and overflowing emotions. Ten of the Cups card represents celebration, love, and deep emotional connections. The Ten of Cups also implies deep and lasting spiritual peace and happiness, honor and lasting success, fame, prestige, and publicity, work in a public sphere, the love of friends, and a journey that has a happy ending. It can also pertain to buying or selling, and successful legal matters related to property and residence.

Upright Keywords-Happiness, fulfillment, harmony, emotional well-being, love, family, celebration, joy, contentment, abundance

Reversed Keywords-Disharmony, disconnection, dissatisfaction, emotional instability, family issues, conflicts, unfulfilled desires, loss of hope, unhappiness, disrupted relationships. 

Page of Cups

The image of the Page of Cups shows a young figure, artistic, meditative, and loyal young could be a boy or girl under 21, standing near the shore of a calm water body such as a sea or a serene lake. The Person is dressed in a floral print and a beret on his head with a long, flowing scarf adorned with symbols of creativity and intuition, holding a cup, which it gazes upon with a mixed expression of curiosity and wonder. A fish is emerging from the cup and looking at the page, representing the presence of intuitive messages and emotional awakening, creativity, and feelings. Both, the water body and fish represent the water element. The Page has an expression of innocence and receptivity, suggesting a readiness to explore the depths of their emotions and embark on a journey of self-discovery. The Page of Cups sometimes describes a person of either sex, who can deceive by being over-imaginative or overemotional. This card also signifies news or a message, new business methods, the birth of a child, or a change that alters and improves the future.

Upright Keywords-innocence, receptivity, curiosity, introspection, emotional awakening, creative potential, intuitive messages, self-discovery, artistic inspiration, emotional exploration

Reversed Keywords- Emotional immaturity, apathy, emotional volatility, creative blockage, suppressed emotions, lost innocence, missed opportunities, confusion, emotional upheaval, blocked intuition, disillusionment.

Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups image depicts a man between 21 and 35, high-principled-except possibly in emotional matters -intelligent, but somewhat egotistical, and romantic, but sometimes deviousHe is on a white horseback, adorned in armor that embellished with images of water, fish, or other symbols of emotions and intuition. The Knight holds a cup in one hand while offering it forward. His helmet and boots are winged showing his active and creative imagination and appreciation for beautiful things. The horse is not charging forward like in the Knight of Wands and Swords, the horse is moving gracefully, is calm, peaceful, and gentle in complete control of the Knight, horse is a symbol of power, energy, and purity. The landscape in the background is barren except a few trees, mountains, and a river, symbolizing the Knight's pursuit of dreams and idealistic visions. The Knight of Cups can indicate a lover, rival, friend, or a fated relationship that teaches a lesson. The Knight of Cups may also signify the bearer of a message, an invitation, a proposition, or a pleasant visit.

Upright Keywords-romantic, graceful, charming, creative, imaginative, affectionate, sensitive, artistic

Reversed Keywords-emotional manipulation, disconnect from reality, unreliable, mood swings, indecision, escapism, fantasizing without action, lack of emotional depth

The Queen of Cups

In the Image of the Queen of Cups, a lady is sitting on a stone throne decorated with the symbols like fish, shells, and sea nymphs at the seashore. The sea is the symbol of the unconscious mind and the fish is a symbol of emotions, perception spirit. She is holding an ornate cup with angle-like handles, like in the other cup cards, all the cups are open but in this image, the cup is closed which shows that her feelings and thoughts are coming from her subconscious mind or inner soul, which is not known. There are colorful pebbles under her feet, her feet not touching water which shows that she is well connected to her emotions and balances them very well. The Queen of Cups card is symbolic of the beloved wife or mistress. Romantic, sensitive, intuitive, and slightly fey, artistically call gifted, a good mixer, and a kind of loving idealist, she practices what she preaches. This card can indicate new romance or new horizons, but if badly aspected can mean over-dominance, moodiness, self-deception, and false romanticism.

Upright Keywords- compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, merciful, spiritual

Reversed Keywords- inner feeling, self-care, self-love, dependent, careless, sober, self-absorbed

The King of Cups

The King of Cups tarot card image shows a powerful man of ideas, over 35, from any walk of life, seated on the grey throne, wearing a blue tunic and a gold cape an image of his position and status, and has a fish-shaped amulet around his neck, which is a symbol of creativity and spirit. In his right hand, he has a cup symbol of emotions, and on his left handing holding a staff symbol of power and authority. This shows that he is cable of balancing between power and emotion in other words he knows how to portray the power with kindness, compassion, and assertiveness. His throne is floating in the middle of the turbulent water body, there is a fish jumping out on the right-hand side, and on the left-hand side, there is a ship sailing in it which shows this person knows how to balance in adverse or difficult circumstances without losing balance. He is warmhearted and sympathetic, tends to hide emotion, is both sensitive and creative, and can give reliable advice and help, but can be crafty and often puts himself first. The King of Cups is also connected with law, education, medicine, and religion. 

Upright Keywords-emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic, power, authority, calm in a difficult situation

Reversed Keywords-self-compassion, inner feelings, moodiness, emotionally manipulative.

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