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The Suit of Pentacles Tarot

The Suit of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles, or Deniers, corresponds with our material existence. These cards cover all aspects of finance, such as gains and losses through commercial activities, the risks and challenges of new commercial ventures, and sometimes litigation connected with financial concerns. It also concerns the commencement and award of stability and financial security and the worth we place on our own achievements. Pentacles can signify training in commercial, scientific, and creative fields resulting in status, a well-paid living, and monetary rewards. Professions such as financial management, teaching, chemistry, medicine, journalism, and commercial art are particularly aligned with the Pentacles suit. These cards can imply generous help from wealthy, powerful people, inheritance, and the founding of a family fortune. On the negative side, they may also denote a bleak period of worry and isolation caused by unemployment, disappointment in money or career, and meanness verging on miserliness. Pentacles tell us that money is the root of all evil and that misusing it- by either worshipping or despising it brings extreme suffering and spiritual poverty. In a spread where kindly, emotional Cups predominate alongside Pentacles, the querent cares for others or is interested in healing or drama. If the older male court cards from the Swords suit, the Emperor, or Justice are close to the same cards, it can indicate a career in politics.

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Ace of Pentacles.jpg

Ace of Pentacles

In the first card of the coin or pentacles suit, in the image a hand is coming out of a cloud from nowhere holding a big coin, freely available to whoever has the wherewithal to take it. It is as if a new opportunity, a new beginning associated with wealth, business, and manifestation. The beautiful landscape has a garden with green grass and white lilies, there is a path that leads to mountain peaks soar in the horizon through an archway, wrapped in beautiful foliage and flowers. It is a signal that the time is ripe or right to move forward with your career and financial ambitions but at the same time hard work and determination are needed. 

Ace of Pentacles signifies the appreciation of physical beauty, sensuousness, materialism, love of possessions, pride in the ability to succeed, prosperity, gold, luxury, gifts, legacies, stoicism, endurance, security built on a firm foundation, and an enterprise about to begin that will bring solid financial benefit. If badly aspected, it is symbolic of greed or overconfidence.

Upright Keywords – abundance, new beginnings, manifestation, financial stability, material success, prosperity, fertility, practicality, opportunity, groundedness

Reversed Keywords - missed opportunities, financial setbacks, lack of manifestation, unfulfilled potential, instability, greed or materialism, wasted resources, lack of practicality, delays or obstacles, unreliable foundations

Two of Pentacles

In the Two of Pentacles a young boy is juggling with two pentacles or coins while dancing, coins are connected through an infinity symbol which shows that the person is capable of managing multiple tasks at the same time and he knows how to manage time, resources, and energy. He is standing on uneven ground, having the ocean, waves, and boats in it in the background, signifying the unpredictable life. In the image, the person is playful and effortlessly juggling and balancing the pentacles in a rhythmic motion, wearing vibrant and colorful clothes, representing a sense of versatility and adaptability. Both pentacles are of equal size and weight, suggesting the need for balance and harmony between priorities. The juggling act represents that he has the ability to be multitasking.

The ocean in the background symbolizes the ever-changing nature of life, ups and down, and challenges that a person has to overcome. The person has the ability to maintain balance while juggling suggests adaptability, flexibility, and resourcefulness. This card indicates that the use of one talent will bring rewards, and also symbolizes literary ability, a journey, or a move to a new home or country. Badly aspected, the Two of Pentacles advises that emotional instability will cause problems.

Upright Keywords-balance, adaptability, juggling priorities, multitasking, flexibility, harmony

Reversed Keywords-imbalance, overwhelm, lack of stability, difficulties in managing tasks, disorganization.

Three of Pentacles                                                               

The Three of Pentacles the 3rd card of Pentacles suit shows a scene of teamwork, collaboration, and craftsmanship. In the foreground, there is a stonemason diligently working on a stone archway using his tools and, carefully shaping the stone. Nearby, two more people are also skilled individuals involved in this project who appear to be an architect or supervisors and a clergyman or noblemen. The stonemason and the other two engaged in a conversation. They are discussing the progress of the work and share their thought, ideas, expertise, and experience. The two others carrying plans are keenly listening to him to get more clarity and trying to understand what is needed of them and how they can provide guidance. Despite the stonemason being less experienced, the two others listen to him because they know his ideas and his experience are fundamental and are needed in the successful completion of the whole building. All the individuals dressed are dressed in vibrant but different attire, indicating their respective roles and status. The card of professionalism and craftsmanship, the three of Pentacles explains that teamwork, hard work, training, and consistent effort bring success and recognition in work or a career. This card denotes skill in the trade, an artistic ability that brings financial rewards and honor, help, cooperation from others, and the time for successful expansion in business. If badly aspected, expect loss through lack of direction.

Upright Keywords-collaboration, teamwork, skill, craftsmanship, recognition, successful project

Reversed Keywords-lack of collaboration, poor communication, disconnection, delays in the project, lack of recognition

Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles shows a person sitting on a throne beyond the boundaries of his hometown, holding a large pentacle tightly to his chest with both hands, seems like don’t want to lose it, balances another pentacle on his head, impeding his connection with spirit and holding two pentacles under his feet, signifying a sense of stability and control. The expressions of the person are serious and possessive, suggesting a need for security and material possessions. The person appears to be guarding his/her wealth and resources, displaying a reluctance to let go or share. It is very clear in the image that he can’t move or go anywhere because he is so attached to his money, he doesn’t his money to go or want to spend. The Four of Pentacles, the card of finance denotes material and financial stability, financial concern with benefits and problems, a legacy or inheritance, and the establishment of a commercial firm or business. If badly aspect, this card signifies meanness with money, business problems, and low self-esteem.

Upright Keywords-security, possessions, control, conservatism, saving money, scarcity, financial stability

Reversed Keywords-release, generosity, financial Insecurity, openness, prioritizing relationships, overspending, greed, self-protection

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles, in the image of two people walking through a snow-covered landscape. They appear to be impoverished, wearing tattered clothing and lacking proper shelter. One person is walking with the help of crutches, suggesting physical challenges and another person is barefoot and covering himself with a thin cloth, the weather is snowy, and there is a warm light coming from a nearby stained glass window of a church, symbolizing hope, faith and potential assistance or support. They fail to see that help is available to them but they are continuing on in their desperate journey because both people are so focused on their plight. The Five of Pentacles remind us that emotions that rule the intellect bring loss of judgment, sorrow or disappointment, loss of work or position, loss of a home or lover, enforced restrictions, and spiritual loneliness. It also indicates lasting friendships will be made with those in similar circumstances. When the Five of Pentacles card is surrounded by positive cards, it means faith in oneself is regained and a new start is made.

Upright Keywords-financial Hardship, Isolation, loss, vulnerability, resilience, poverty worries, financial loss

Reversed Keywords-recovery, community, inner Resources, hope, assistance

Six of Pentacles

In the Six of Pentacles, in the images a wealthy person standing on a flat surface shows that he is stable, giving coins to two baggers with his right hand, who are sitting on the ground on their knees reaching out to receive the offerings, and holding a scale in the left hand. The image conveys the concept of generosity, charity, and the act of giving and receiving. One can generously use its wealth and abundance for the benefit of others. The balanced scales symbolize fairness, suggesting a harmonious exchange of resources. This card also reminds us that time can change at any time. No matter how much wealth you have, there is a time when you need people's help and support. This is also the card of entertainment or theatrical work such as acting. singing, dancing, or lecturing, but is also a strong spiritual card, symbolizing help from above, help from a good, generous person, sympathy, kindness, charity, just rewards, or finances becoming stable. When badly aspected, it expresses the inability to give of oneself.

Upright Keywords-generosity, charity, reciprocity, sharing, abundance

Reversed Keywords-selfishness, greed, imbalance, dependence, stinginess

Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles shows a man standing in a beautiful lush garden, leaning on a large shovel or gardening tool. The garden is full of plants on which coins are growing, representing the fruits of the individual's labor and investment. The man appears to be in contemplation mode, observing the progress and development of the plants which suggests a period of reflection, patience, and evaluation of one's efforts and the potential rewards that may come from them. This card also reminds us that procrastination is the thief of time. Consistent work is needed to bring past efforts to a successful completion. It can indicate that something is changing, or that results from the past are about to bear fruit. It is also symbolic of a new love and money, in the form of a successful barter or a loan, although possibly delayed.

Upright Keywords-patience, evaluation, reflection, investment, growth, sustainable results, perseverance, Long-term view

Reversed Keywords-impatience, disappointment, limited success, lack of progress and vision, misalignment, reconsideration

Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles depicts a focused young man sitting at a workbench. He is making coins. He has a chisel and hammer in his hand and diligently crafting or engraving pentacles. The person is fully engaged in his task, paying close attention to each detail. He is an expert in his work and is hard-working. He has a village far away, which means that he has kept himself away from the distraction of life. Surrounding him are other finished pentacles, indicating his dedication to honing his skills and craftsmanship. This is the talent and energy card denotes changes coming from turning a recently discovered or developed skill into a profession, money earned in the future through talents and skills being developed at present, possible future employment in a new skilled field, or labor rewarded. When it is badly aspected it symbolizes failure through laziness.

The image suggests a commitment to hard work, mastery, and the pursuit of excellence through persistent effort and attention to detail.

Upright Keywords-diligence, skill development, dedication, demonstrating, commitment and perseverance in pursuits, hard work, mastery in skill, focused, continuous and consistent efforts, mastery, productivity

Reversed Keywords-lack of Focus, skill stagnation, feeling stuck or unable to progress, mediocrity, Boredom, insufficient effort

Nine of Pentacles

The image of the Nine of Pentacles portrays a beautiful, graceful, and elegant woman standing in a lush garden, surrounded by blooming flowers, abundant grapevines, and golden coins signifying a sense of harmony, independence, abundance, tranquility, the fruits of labor, and the rewards of hard work and self-sufficiency. She is wearing a flowing golden gown with flowers on it and a red beret shows her lifestyle and status. She is wealthy and independent. Her right hand is resting on one of the many coins and her fingers are wrapping around the grapes symbolizing her healthy connection with wealth. She has a bird (hooded falcon) in her left hand signifying the woman’s intellectual and spiritual self-control. The Nine of Pentacles signifies the independence and individuality of a uniquely talented person who must learn that inner peace and satisfaction come through self-knowledge. Also symbolizes material wealth or substantial income earned by sound administration and consistent effort. The successful completion of a project brings a reward or a solution to a problem.

Upright Keywords-abundance, independence, gratitude, self-care, success, luxury, self-sufficiency, financial independence,

Reversed Keywords-financial loss, dependence, lack of Contentment, overspending, negligence, failure

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles shows a scene of a prosperous and harmonious family gathering. In the foreground, there is a white-haired old man wearing an ornamental robe sitting with loyal white dogs on his feet, representing wisdom, generational wealth, and the legacy of the family. Surrounding them are younger family members, and children, symbolizing stability, unity, and the passing down of traditions and values. The man is wealthy and has achieved great success in his lifetime, now ready to pass this wealth, culture, and legacy to the next generation.  The man and his family are gathered in the courtyard of a large castle showing their prosperity, abundance, financial security, and comfort. The architecture in the background showcases a grand estate or community, indicating a strong foundation and material abundance. The Ten of Pentacles image portrays a sense of family prosperity, fulfillment, and the rewards of long-term success. Ten of Pentacles denotes material, creative, and spiritual wealth generously shared with others and rewards from creative achievements. Pertaining to house and family, the ten of Pentacles symbolize a reverence for history, establishing new traditions, a settled way of life, blood ties, inheritance, legacies, purchase, or sale. If badly aspected, this card indicates that restrictive ties become a burden.

Upright Keywords-wealth, legacy, long-term success and stability, prosperity, community, financial securities, contribution

Reversed Keywords-financial Instability, disconnection, inheritance Issues, loss of Wealth, dysfunction

Page of Pentacles

The image depicts a young person, often a teenager or a youthful individual, under 21, of either sex, dressed in vibrant and earthy colors, standing in a field or garden having flowers and greenery which shows that the surrounding is abundant. The person is holding a golden pentacle in his hands, gazing at it with focus, curiosity, and determination which shows that he is eager and ready to learn and explore the material world or to earn wealth and aim. The card signifies a sense of potential, new beginnings, and a practical approach to achieving goals. Page of Pentacles is the symbol of new ideas and opinions, the person is diligent and ambitious but often materialistic and mean with money. It also denotes a letter containing money or a message bringing good news. If badly aspected, this card describes wasted talent, unrealistic ambitions, or intellectual snobbery

Upright Keywords-youthfulness, curiosity, practicality, new opportunities, learning, exploration, resourcefulness, potential, groundedness

Reversed Keywords-lack of focus, missed opportunities, laziness, lack of motivation, stagnation, irresponsibility, lack of progress, failure to follow through

Knight of Pentacles

The image depicts a young man or knight, under 35, honorable, traditional, determined, and materialistic, with a love of nature and animals dressed in sturdy armor, sitting upon a beautiful, strong, and powerful horse. The person has a pentacle in hand and gazing at it which shows that the person is determined and focused (assessing and planning before taking action). The horse is standing on fertile and abundant land, a symbol of stability and productivity. The Knight of Pentacles represents an individual who is methodical and responsible and is committed to achieving long-term goals through hard work, patience, and a practical approach. The Knight of Pentacles is indicative of a new acquaintance or an indiscreet flirtation It also expresses the patience needed to finish boring and laborious work or the beginning and end of a matter. Badly aspected, expect errors through timidity or stagnation.

Upright Keywords-reliability, responsibility, determination, diligence, hard work, practicality, patience, stability, productivity

Reversed Keywords-laziness, lack of motivation, stagnation, lack of progress, apathy, impatience, lack of responsibility, lack of stability

Queen of Pentacles

In the image, the Queen of Pentacles is showing a royal woman sitting on a throne adorned and dressed in luxurious green and red clothes, a symbol of her connection to power, authority, nature, and fertility surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers. She is holding a golden pentacle in her hands, representing material wealth and abundance. She is warm, calm, and nurturing, and has a sense of stability and groundedness. Surrounding with symbols of prosperity, such as ripe fruits and a beautiful green blooming garden. The Queen of Pentacles describes a practical, industrious, independent woman, delighting in the good things of life, but giving generously to people she likes and respects. Sometimes financially independent, socially adept, and interested in creative arts, she carries the connotation of money and responsibility in wealth. Badly aspected, she is insecure, untrusting, and materialistic.

Upright Keywords-nurturing, abundance, practicality, prosperity, stability, financial security, home and family, generosity, groundedness, maternal instincts, resourcefulness, connection to nature.

Reversed Keywords-codependency, financial insecurity, imbalance, neglect, over-protectiveness, lack of self-care, overindulgence, materialism, greed, disconnection from nature, difficulties with home and family life, hoarding resources.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles indicates a stable, patient man, over 35 who is confident and charismatic, seating on a majestic throne adorned with bull motifs which represents the Taurus zodiac sign. He holds a large wand in his hand, symbolizing his creative energy, passion, ambition, and power, and a coin on the other hand symbolic of his materialistic influence.. The king is wearing vibrant red and orange robes which are adorned with grapes and wines, showing his wealth, abundance, fiery and energetic nature.  His foot and throne are surrounded by more grapes and wines showing his attainment and material success. His posture is straight and commanding, displaying leadership qualities. Behind him is his fort, which he has built with his own hard work, efforts, dedication, and determination. This card also indicates that he has a flair for mathematics, although often uneducated and inarticulate. He possesses a deliberate turn of mind and intuitive wisdom and is loyally protective of friends, a good parent but a bad enemy, he is often connected with financial matters, and when badly aspected is easy to bribe.

Upright Keywords-leadership, confidence, charisma, inspiration, passion, creativity, vision, ambition, action-oriented, courage, enthusiasm, assertiveness, determination, influence, entrepreneurial spirit

Reversed Keywords-dictatorship, arrogance, impulsiveness, recklessness, egotism, aggression, manipulation, lack of direction, overbearing, overconfidence, burnout, energy depletion, loss of inspiration, inability to follow through

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