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The Suit of Wands Tarot

In early tarot packs, this suit was also known as Clubs, Batons, or Staves. All were depicted as thick leafy branches of a tree signifying growth, flowering, and renewal, and were believed to represent landowners or farmers. This suit symbolizes strength, energy, commercial activity, growth, and expansion that can include deep-sea travel and foreign countries Wands are also connected with fire, which in ancient times was believed to emanate from nothing and transform anything it touched, yet remain unaltered itself. The Suit of Wands also describes the use of creative talent and the tests, challenges, and hurdles that an artist has to meet in order to retain his or her integrity. Wands also teach us important and lasting values, such as emotional and material security, serenity, creativity, inner development, inner security, and stability. A key quality of this suit is strength in adversity, which results in the attainment of security after hard work, trials, and struggle. Among all the Wands cards, the Nine of Wands is the strongest card in the Minor Arcana, indicating personal and economic stability, and security coming after hard work and continuous effort. When there are a large number of Wands come in a tarot reading suggests that the querent has creative talents and has worked hard and endured trials that have helped develop self-honesty and spirituality.

Ace of Wands  Two of Wands  Three of Wands  Four of Wands  Five of Wands  Six of Wands  Seven of Wands  Eight of Wands  Nine of Wands  Ten of Wands  Page of Wands  Knight of Wands  Queen of Wands  King of Wands

Ace of wands.jpg

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wand is 1st card of minor Arcana Suits of Wands. The image on the card shows a hand that is coming out of a cloud while holding a wand 9 looks like a branch. The wand is continuously growing, and the leaves from the wand have sprouted, which represents spiritual and material balance and progress. On the left, there is a castle, representing the promise of opportunities to come, and hills and mountains line the horizon telling us that there will always be challenges along the way, but they are surmountable with enough effort. The background is a beautiful landscape, which is a confirmation of this growth capability. Symbolic of new beginnings, the renewal of energies, or a new foundation that brings success and satisfaction. This card also signifies innovation, artistic inspiration bringing a new cycle of creative activity, new wisdom or knowledge, and dissatisfaction with present circumstances or attitudes; the founding of a fortune or family.

Upright Keywords - creative potential, passion, new beginnings, energy, confidence, growth, initiative, inspiration, fertility, drive

Reversed Keywords - blocked creativity, lack of direction, lost opportunity, burnout, lack of passion, self-doubt, delayed progress, misdirected energy, impatience, igniting conflicts

2 of wands.jpg

Two of Wands

The Two of Wands tarot card depicts a man standing on a castle or balcony, dressed in rich red robes, indicating his power and authority, holding a wand in the left hand and a globe in the right hand. In detail, the person who is standing on the rooftop of a castle, or a balcony, is in his comfort zone suggesting that he is contemplating and is still in the planning phase. He has a globe in his right-hand tells that he is ambitious, controlling, creative, has personal power, and has a different perspective to look at the world. Out of two, one wand is in the left hand, and the second wand is affixed to the castle’s wall which is a sign that he is still not ready to venture out. He is looking at a vast landscape that is beautiful having greenery, water, and some stones which is promising opportunity and success with struggle and obstacle. The card symbolizes vision, planning, and making futuristic decisions, a sense of confidence and control encourages taking a proactive approach and embracing leadership qualities to achieve desired goals. Two of Wands denotes high motives, tolerance, intellectual work, help from people in authority, consistent effort, overcoming obstacles, success won through strength and vision, courage, willpower, and lasting success.

Upright Keywords - Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery, confidence, leadership, courage, authority, vision, willpower

Reversed Keywords - Personal goals, inner alignment, fear of the unknown, lack of planning, lack of self-confidence and willpower, misuse of power and authority, poor visit.

3 of wands.jpg

Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a tarot card that shows a man standing on a high cliff with turned back, surrounded by three wands, and looking at the horizon. The man is wearing vibrant and luxurious clothing, showing a sense of confidence, power, and prosperity. The wands are firmly planted on the ground indicating that he is dedicated to his plans. He is in the open indicates that he has left his comfort zone and is ready to face challenges. From the cliff, he is looking out into the distance showing his visionary perspective and a sense of anticipation. The landscape before him has a body of water and three selling ships passing by, mountains, and land indicating movement, growth progress, expansion, exploration, and the potential for new opportunities. This card is the next step after planning. Three of Wands represent the enterprise, progress, and the ability to manifest ideas into reality, with powerful convictions, powers of expression, and original or inspirational work that brings recognition and success, sometimes it gives a warning against carelessness.  It encourages embracing the spirit of exploration, taking risks, and being open to new possibilities. Three of Wands also indicates the need for patience and persistence, representing receiving help from a powerful associate, artistic or creative ideas becoming reality, a partnership bringing wealth and prosperity, a business enterprise, etc.

Upright Keywords - Progress, expansion, foresight, overseas opportunities, optimism, expansion, the potential for growth, careful planning, foresight, confidence, etc.

Reversed Keywords - Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays, fear of risk-taking, hesitate to grab new opportunities, lack of confidence, slow or no progress, etc.

4 of wands.jpg

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands tarot card portrays a scene of celebration. In the image, two people are dancing and they have flowers in their hands seems like celebrating their success. In the foreground, there are four wands creating a warth-like structure, decorated with ribbons, grapes, flowers, and lush greenery, symbolizing abundance, beauty, and growth and all together showing the celebration of success after a long struggle achieved with planning, hard work, and patience. The Four of Wands also symbolizes a pause in activities or a peaceful period away from the demands of everyday life, as well as harmony, romance, close family ties, and gathering in the harvest after long, hard labor. The Four of Wands represents the gifted and successful inventor or designer, combining the world of ideas with the beauty of perfected work.

Upright Keywords - Achievement, completion, or a moment of harmony and balance happiness, enthusiasm, and a sense of unity, celebration, harmonious union or partnership, rewards, collective effort, the feeling of joy, achieving a goal, a sense of belonging, connection within a community, wedding, reunion, happy events, etc.

Reversed Keywords – Failure, no partnership or problems in partnership, divorce or separation, a feeling of isolation, inner disharmony, detachment from

Five of Wands

The Five of Wand tarot card shows a scene of conflict or competition, among five individuals holding wands in an upright direction, and the atmosphere is filled with movement, with wands crossing and swirling in different directions, there is chaos but there is no sign of physical harm or hostility. All the individuals are wearing colorful and different attire, suggesting a diversity of backgrounds, different perspectives, or opinions. They have different expressions on their face like determination, excitement, frustration, reflecting the intensity of the situation, etc. The background of the image shows an open field, giving the feeling of commotion and lively action. The Five of Wands card reminds us that conflicts should be addressed with a spirit of cooperation, open-mindedness, and a willingness to find common ground and also encourages finding constructive solutions and embracing healthy competition and the importance of resolving conflicts in a positive and collaborative manner. Sometimes the five Wands signify carelessness in legal matters or bitterness through unfulfilled desires.

Upright Keywords - challenges, conflicts, differences in opinions, ideas, or goals, cooperation, open-mindedness, willingness, healthy competition, resolving conflicts, etc.

Reversed Keywords – Unhealthy competition, rigid and conservative thought process, inner conflicts, unwillingness, avoidance, etc

Six of Wands

The six of wands is the career card of minor Arcana. The Six of Wands tarot card shows a scene of victory and celebration. In the foreground, man is riding on a majestic horse, the symbol of strength, power, and forward movement. He is dressed in vibrant and regal attire, representing his status. He is leading a group of soldiers showing his good leadership skills, holding a single wand or staff upright in his hand, triumphantly raising it high into the air. He is surrounded by a cheering crowd, holding their own wands, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm symbolizing the support and admiration of others.  They have expressions and gestures of joy, admiration, and respect for the man on horseback. It signifies a public display of accomplishment and success. The Six of Wands represents recognition, achievement, and victory. It signifies a time of accomplishment, where one's efforts, skills, or talents have been acknowledged and rewarded. The career card of the Minor Arcana, the six of Wands denotes a triumphant achievement in one's career, wonderful news, the fulfillment of ambitions, victory in a difficult situation, the solution to a major problem, success after a struggle, diplomacy, overcoming opposition, public acclaim, and satisfaction, but also triumph soured by others' envy.

Upright Keywords - Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence, leadership, working in a team, satisfaction, fame progress, etc.

Reversed Keywords - Private achievement, personal definition of success, fall from grace, egotism, short-term success, failure

7 of wands.jpg

Seven of Wands

In the image of 7 of Wands, a man standing on a top of a hill or elevated ground, and surrounded by six upright wands in the foreground. The man appears strong and determined, holding a single wand in hand as a symbol of authority and power, and is in a defensive posture, as if defending, or protecting himself from unseen challengers. His body language conveys resilience and confidence, with his feet firmly planted on the ground which suggests that he is ready to face the challenges. The surrounding green landscape indicates that the setting is a place of growth and abundance. The sky is clear, indicating a sense of clarity and purpose. It is also known as the teacher's card, symbolizing the dissemination of knowledge, lecturing, and writing. It also denotes success achieved by inner strength and determination, sustained effort and courage needed to defeat the opposition, and a successful change in the profession. Badly aspected, it reveals envy from others, the need for competitiveness, and failure due to indecision. It symbolizes courage, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles and protect one's interests.

Upright Keywords - challenge, competition, protection, perseverance, protectiveness, standing up for yourself, defending yourself, protecting territory

Reverse Keywords - exhaustion, giving up, overwhelmed, giving up, admitting defeat, yielding, lack of self-belief, surrender.

Eight of wands

The Eight of Wands is a card depicting swift and dynamic energy. In the image, eight sprouted wands, come through the air against a clear sky. All the wands are parallel to each other, moving in the same direction, and appear to be moving rapidly towards a common destination The Eight of Wands card signifies a sense of urgency and forward momentum, rapid progress, swift action, and quick resolution of a situation. The card often represents the arrival of news, messages, or communications that can bring significant changes. It is also a card for air travel. The energy portrayed in the image is one of acceleration, movement, and the breaking down of barriers or obstacles. The Eight of Wands is symbolic of movement, speed, haste in travel, taking a sudden journey, the end of a quiet period or of a delay, sudden changes which spell progress in life, unexpected news, overseas connection, and sometimes sudden arrow of love.

In short, the Eight of Wands image reminds us that a sense of speed, movement, and progress is needed in life. It suggests that things or events required immediate action and that obstacles are being swiftly overcome.

Upright Keywords - rapid progress, quick communication, excitement, forward momentum, expansion, action-oriented, energetic, speedy resolution, travel, breakthrough

Reversed Keywords - delays, miscommunication, confusion, blocked energy, disorganization, scattered focus, overwhelm, slow progress, unresolved issues, misdirected efforts, lack of urgency

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands represents resilience, perseverance, and determination. In the image, a man is trying to stand himself in an upright position, and holding a wand in his hands, he is tired and worn out, as if they have been through a long and challenging journey. Behind his back, there are eight wands firmly planted in the ground, forming a defensive barrier or fence. The man leans on the ninth wand and holds it tightly, indicating their readiness to continue defending themselves. The image portrays that the man has faced numerous obstacles and setbacks but has managed to overcome them. He has reached a point where he needs a temporary pause, to catch his breath and assess his situation. He is wearing a bandage on the head which gives a sense of weariness in his posture indicating that he has endured struggles and may be feeling battle-worn, but still, he is vigilant and determined. The card is a symbol of resilience, strength, and the ability to hold one's ground even in challenging circumstances. It reminds us of the need for perseverance and the courage to continue fighting for what is important or the person is preparing for another round of challenges. The card reminds us that although the journey may be difficult, we have the capacity to endure and protect what matters most.

Upright Keywords – resilience, courage, defensiveness, endurance, preparedness, prudence, wisdom, vigilance, Inner- strength, completion of a phase

Reversed Keywords – burnout, surrender, lack of resilience, guardedness, weakened defenses, feeling defeated, drained, motivation, repeated setbacks, re-evaluation, seeking support

Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands card depicts a man burdened by a heavy load of wands; the person is hunched over, struggling to carry a stack of ten wands in his arms. The wands are long and thick, representing responsibilities, challenges, or burdens that the person has taken on. The man has slightly tilted posture conveys a sense of tiredness, strain, and exhaustion. He is overwhelmed by the weight of the wands, his head bowed and steps are slow and labored and the person has been carrying this load for a long time, and it has become heavy to bear. It happens when a person takes on too much or shoulders excessive responsibilities. The card reminds us of the importance of delegation, seeking support, or re-evaluating priorities to lighten the load. It also indicates that problems will be resolved soon, narrow-minded or fixed ideas must go to make progress, new contexts or venture, and an overseas trip or journey. Badly aspected, it means an unrealistic opinion of one's abilities. The Ten of Wands also signifies the end of this arduous journey is within reach because, at the distance, there is a small village, representing the goal or destination the person is striving for. While the path may be difficult, but the man’s determination is evident as he moves forward, focused on reaching his objective.

Upright keywords – burden, responsibility, hard work, struggle, endurance, oppression, completion, sacrifice, commitment, exhaustion, or burnout

Reversed Keywords – release, lightening the load, liberation, surrender, renewed energy, prioritization, Re-evaluation, seeking support, embracing ease, releasing limitations

Page of wands.jpg

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands portrays a vibrant individual full of enthusiasm and curiosity, spiritual and adaptable, a young person, under 21, male or female, with creative potential but still looking for a direction in life. In the image, a young person dressed in colorful and energetic clothes has a feathered hat. The individual is holding a tall wand in one hand, representing his/her connection to the element of fire. Page of wands, often depicted as a postman or a messenger, with news from a loved one, or with pleasing news concerning finances. This is the card of adventure and potential. The person’s posture is straight, showing confidence and a sense of readiness to begin a new journey or pursue creative endeavors, gazing forward, indicating a focus on the future and a willingness to explore uncharted and unknown territories. The desert landscape represents a vast expanse of possibilities and opportunities. The barren surroundings can also suggest untamed and unexplored aspects of life. It is representing transformative energy, passion, ambition, and inspiration, conveys a message of new innovation, beginnings, and embracing one's passions, the birth of creative ideas, and the excitement of pursuing new interests. It also denotes creative inspiration that needs developing and the fear of domination.

Upright Keywords - enthusiasm, curiosity, creative spark, playfulness, potential, communication, fearlessness, optimism, new beginnings, growth

Reversed Keywords - action, adventure, passion, courage, determination, speed, leadership, ambition, energy, progress, achievement, charisma

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands denotes a charming, lovable man between 21 and 35 and a volatile personality who likes change and travel. tarot card image depicts a bold and adventurous individual on a horse, charging forward with great speed and determination, wearing armor, typically adorned with vibrant colors and imagery symbolizing passion and energy. The knight's horse is strong and spirited, matching the intensity of its rider.

The knight carries a sprouted wand, often raised high in the air, symbolizing its connection to the element of fire and sprouts, indicating the potential for growth and creativity. The knight's armor and clothing with vibrant colors represent an individual's passion and dynamic nature. The image’s scene conveys a sense of urgency and a daring spirit. The knight is in the mid-action, suggesting that they are on a mission or quest. The landscape behind them may vary, but it often represents the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. The Knight of Wands represents traits such as courage, ambition, a drive for adventure, passion, and eagerness to explore new territories, chase dreams, and seize opportunities. The card signifies a time of swift action, progress, and taking risks. This card also suggests a change of residence, a departure or flight, distant travel, or a stable sense of money matters. If badly aspected it can represent a jealous lover, rivalry, interference in business, or a lack of energy.

Upright Keywords-energy, ambition, passion, action, adventure

Reversed Keywords-impulsiveness, restlessness, frustration, burnout, lack of direction

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands is symbolic of an intuitive, tolerant, protective woman, generous, independent, strong-willed, determined, confident, home and country lover, often artistic or creative, who makes a good friend, but when badly aspected is dominating, bitter, judgmental, and narrow-minded. It can also imply successful new creative or business ventures. The card portrays a powerful and confident woman seated on a throne decorated with lions facing opposing directions, a symbol of fire and strength, wearing regal attire, with vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics, representing her passion and vibrant energy, and holding a sprouted Wand in the right hand, symbolizing the beginning of new life, and In her left hand, on her crown and behind her are sunflowers, symbolizing life, fertility, joy, and satisfaction. A black cat sits at her feet, which shows the other side of the queen which is the dark and lesser-known side of herself. The Queen of Wands highlights the qualities of leadership, creativity, and inspiration. Being a natural-born leader she possesses the ability to motivate and inspire others. Her fiery nature fuels her ambitions and drives her toward success in her endeavors. She is fiercely independent and confident, unafraid to assert herself and take charge.

Upright Keywords – confidence, charisma, leadership, passion, creativity, energy, independence, warmth, determination, influence

Reversed Keywords - self-doubt, manipulation, domineering, insecurity, disconnection, burnout, indecision, lack of leadership, egoism, misuse of power

King of Wands

The King of Wands is symbolic of an honest, generous, and courageous man, over 35, a born leader, enthusiastic and intelligent, who could be successful in most financial, professional, or creative fields. He gives wise impartial advice and sympathy. The King of Wands is a tarot card that depicts a powerful and confident figure seated on a throne. He is often portrayed holding a wand or a staff, symbolizing his connection to the element of fire. The King of Wands card is a symbol of leadership, strength, and passion. In the image, the King is wearing vibrant and colorful attire, a crown, and sitting on a throne representing his authority, charisma, a sense of power, and control, he is holding a sprouted wand in his right hand, a symbol of life and creativity. His throne and cape are decorated with lions and salamanders, both are the symbols of fire and strength. The salamanders biting their own tails represent the infinite power and the ongoing drive to move forward against all the odds. His facial expression shows that he is determined and focused, reflecting his unwavering confidence. This card highlights the qualities like ambition, courage, and inspiration, being a natural-born leader, possessing the ability to take charge and motivate others to action, having a magnetic presence, exuding charisma, attracting others with his dynamic personality, being influential, confident, and action-oriented. This card also denotes an unexpected inheritance or a successful business. When badly aspected, this King can be power hungry.

Upright Keywords – leadership, confidence, ambition, charisma, action, passion, entrepreneurship, influence, vision, inspiration

Reversed Keywords – tyranny, arrogance, manipulation, indecision, lack of leadership, burnout, loss of confidence, insecurities, disorganization, misuse of power, egoism

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