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Sun in Zodiac Signs

Sun is also a firey planet and king of all 9 planets. It is said that wherever the Sun sits whether it is a zodiac or house it burns some of its karak tatva. Sun gives auspicious results when it is placed in its exalted Zodiac sign that is Aries or its own sign that is Leo unless there is no malefic aspect or conjunction. Sun gives inauspicious results when it is placed in its debilitated sign that is Libra or in the Aquarius zodiac sign of the enemy.


Sun in the Aries

Sun in the Aries makes a person aggressive nature, fighter, wandering, determined, courageous, prone to gallbladder issues, headache,  ambitious, self-respecting, hardworking, active, sometimes rich sometimes poor, and defiant.  If the sun is on 10 degrees of this zodiac, then it is like a king.


Sun in the Taurus

Sun in the Taurus is prone to Mouth and eye problems, tolerable, tactful, intelligent, interested in food and beautiful clothes, connoisseur of music, fearful of water, social, etc.


Sun in the Gemini

​Sun in the Gemini makes a person intelligent, sweet-spoken, endowed with affectionate qualities, virtuous, versed in science, very wealthy, generous, interested in astrology, can have two mothers, beautiful, modest, shy, studious, etc.


Sun in the Cancer

Sun in the Cancer makes a person fickle, made, a hater of relatives, sad, can have bad woman, prone to cough and bile, alcoholic, and can have conflicts with parents.


Sun in the Leo

Sun in the Leo makes a person Enemy destroyer, wrathful, stubborn, very generous, enterprising, leadership qualities, bright, self-respecting, interested in spiritual and para vidya, self-confident, loves to live in forest mountain and solitude, a humanist who gets help from friends.  


Sun in the Virgo

Sun in the Virgo makes a person soft speaking, have a body-like woman, weak body, meritorious, interested in writing, painting, mathematics, poetry, literature, science, good memory power,  patient wife, and worried.


Sun in the Libra

Sun in the Libra makes a person, or traveler, face Defeat, loss, excessive expenditure, mostly living abroad, involved in inappropriate activities. The one who makes or uses alcohol has unstable thoughts, a disturbed mind, etc.


Sun in the Scorpio

Sun in the Scorpio makes a person Courageous, enterprising, dispute-loving, feminine, clever, an army leader of weapons, poison, or fire, has talent in surgery, and an expert in espionage, medicines, or engineering works.


Sun in the Sagittarius

Sun in the Sagittarius makes a person rich, religious, well-known, royal, scholar, skilled in behavior, he is respected by his friends, calm, large-bodied, strong, beneficial to his friends, connoisseurs of arts and crafts.


Sun in the Capricorn

Sun in the Capricorn makes a person greedy, mischievous, stingy, restless mind, a relationship with relatives not good, weak, wandering,  stranger, and interested in others' wealth.


Sun in the Aquarius

Sun in the Aquarius makes a person Poor, sad, friendly, unlucky, interested in esoteric knowledge, selfish, revolutionary, but outgoing, without qualities.


Sun in the Pisces

Sun in Pisces makes a person Wealthy, peace-loving, has many friends, women with happiness, scholar, happy with good sons and servants, profit from the trade of aquatic items, jeweler, and lover of religious arts.


Sun in different Houses

Planetary Remedies

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