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Houses in Astrology

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There are 12 houses in the horoscope from which different aspects of life are considered. Symbolic names of emotions like Tanu, Bhrata, Dhan, etc. All the life problems and aspects are considered with these 12 houses.  Where the number is written, it is said to be the house of that number. These houses are fixed and they have fixed lords too.  Any zodiac sign and planet can fall into the houses. Every house has some properties assigned to them. 

1st house or Ascendant

1st house - It is also known as Lagna. We see nature, physical, appearance, color, fame, health, personality, nature, and mentality from this house. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Virgo are considered potent in this house. The Sun is the fixed lord of this house.


2nd House

2nd house - The second bhav is called Dhan Bhav.  Accumulated wealth (bank, balance), family, right eye, speech, learning, gold-silver gems, etc. collection of valuable material, wealth, food, eloquence, etc. is analyzed from this house.


3rd house

3rd house - The third Bhav/house is called sahas bhav/courage house or bhratra bhav /brother house.  Brother-sister, small amounts, courage, bravery, right ear, mental confusion, strength, sorrow, traveling power, servant, relationship with younger brothers and sisters, posture, writing, publication, and communication system should be considered.  This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Ketu and Mars.


4th House

4th house - The fourth house is called such Bhav/happiness house.  Mother, home construction, home happiness, vehicle, heart, secret wealth, adopted son idea, gift, own home or village, legal matters of husband and wife, circumstances at the time of birth, education (academic qualification), medicine, secret talks, chest, wife's earnings, the sacrifice of birth land, immovable property, vehicle happiness is analyzed from this house. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of  Moon. 


5th house

5th house - The fifth house is called Santan Bhav/child house. Son-daughter, innate knowledge, mentality, Tantra-Mantra Siddhi, pregnancy, education, how will the child be, lottery, gambling, betting, worship, thinking power, writing power, love relationship, with which there is physical contact, sin-virtue, liver disease, immoral relationship, worship of God, these subjects are considered. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of the Sun and Jupiter.


6th house

6th house - The sixth house is called the Rog Bhav/disease house.  Debt, enemy, maternal uncle poison, freedom from bondage, victory-defeat, enemy's condition, bhoot badha/ possession by spirits, abduction, disease diagnosis, addiction, and cruel deeds is analyzed or considered from this house. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Rahu. 


7th House

7th house - This is Patni Bhav/wife’s house.  Husband or wife, war, court, traveling, theft, enemy, sex (subject lust), intestine,  partnership business, matrimonial relationship, thief's appearance, and rival is analyzed or considered with this house. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Venus and Mercury. 


8th House

8th house -The eighth house is called the Mritu Bhav/house of death age limit, a wealth of will, crisis, mental pain, cause of death, love-scepter, loss of wealth, loss of fortune, sin, sorrow, cremation ground, wife's wealth, sudden money gain, genitals, joint property, etc. is analyzed or considered from this house This is a permanent house /pukka gher of  Saturn and Mars.


9th House

9th house - This is called Bhagya Bhav/House of luck, pilgrimage, religious teacher, luck, father, penance, sins or virtues done in full birth, religious faith, thighs, donation, senior person, chastity, traveling abroad, justice, fame, quietness, construction of religious places, getting money without hard work, goddess power, grandson, intuition. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Ketu and Jupiter.


10th House

10th house - This is called Karma Bhav.  With this, business, job, fame, prosperity, air travel, travel, livelihood, state honor, political affairs, authority position, king, father's wealth, long journeys, happy life, high position are considered.  the zodiac sign Aries Taurus and Leo are considered in this house. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of the Sun and Saturn.


11th House

11th house - The eleventh house is called the labh Bhav/ profit house.  All kinds of profit, friends, son's wife, luck of the deeds done, achievement, hope, death of the mother are thought of profit in business, the foot is considered from this house.  This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Saturn and Jupiter.


12th House

12th house - The twelfth house is called the Vyay Bhav/ house of expenditure.  Long journey, imprisonment, expenditure of money, pain, left eye, state punishment, bed pleasure, sleeplessness, mental distress, divine objections, accident, condition after death, opposition to political or public opinion, wife's disease, mother's fate, an association of immoral people, illegitimate child, salvation, political crisis, suicide is considered. This is a permanent house /pukka gher of Rahu and Jupiter.

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