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Planets in different Zodiac Signs


Horoscope is a map of human life, it has 12 houses/bhav and any zodiac can fall into any house that depends on an individual’s birth. Each zodiac sign is assigned a planet. The way we see the results of the planet in different houses, in the same way, we see how planets give results in different Zodiac signs. When a planet is a place in its own sign or in an exalted sign or in a friend sign then the results will be auspicious if not have a malefic aspect on it. And if the planet is placed in the enemy sign, and debilitated sign then It will give inauspicious results. For example, let's take the Sun. Sun is exalted in the Aries because the Aries is a fire sign and fiery planet and the sun is also a fiery planet when a firey planet is placed in the fire sign then the result will be auspicious. Cancer is a water sign and when the Sun is placed in a water sign it becomes neutral because water extinguishes the fire. Each planet has its own qualities and religion, but there is some change in them when they are located in different zodiac signs.  The reason for this is that some zodiac signs are favorable to his natural quality and some are unfavorable, further the results of different planets being located in twelve zodiac signs are being given.

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Ketu in Different Zodiac Signs

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