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Planets in Different Houses

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Kundli is divided into 12 parts that are called Bhav/houses. Bhav/houses are fixed only on planets that keep on changing. Plnets give different results according to their placement in different houses. Some planets give auspicious results in different Bhav/Houses and some planets give inauspicious results according to their nature, relationship, placement, and influence. There are nine planets.  The planets can be in any house in the horoscope. What kind of results will be given by the planet depends on its nature, placement, and relation with that bhav/house, or which side of life that house is related to. It is known that some planets are auspicious, that is, wherever they are placed, they will increase the Karak tatva of that house and some inauspicious planets spoil the Karak tatva/elements of that house. Jupiter, Kiranbali chanderma, and Venus are benefic or auspicious planets. The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are malefic planets. Mercury is neutral. That's why first of all see what effect each planet shows on different houses. First, we will take the Sun. for example the Sun gives good results in the 1st and 10th houses. In these houses, if it has good degrees and no malefic effect then it will give name and fame. the second house is the house of speech and if the moon is placed there then the native will be soft-spoken. And if there is any malefic planet like Rahu placed in the 2nd house then the native will use abusive language. Kundli Dikho has tried to give correct information to its users. Below are the different results in different houses of all the planets


Sun in Different different houses/Bhav

Moon in Different different houses/Bhav

Mars in Different different houses/Bhav

Mercury in Different different houses/Bhav

Jupiter in Different different houses/Bhav

Venus in Different different houses/Bhav

Saturn in Different different houses/Bhav

Rahu and Ketu in Different different houses/Bhav

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