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Virgo Ascendant

10. Moon in the 2nd house and Venus in the 11th house make good money yoga.

This is the 6th ascendant. The height of the person born in this Lagna is good. The body is soft, and the voice is thin. The people of this ascendant are active, they look young visibly even when they are older. They are inclined to change in life and at the same time, they also adapt themselves to the changed situation. They see every work from a business point of view, therefore the people of this ascendant can be successful businessmen. They do every work keeping in mind the profit and loss and the method of work is regular and restrained. If Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then always remain dissatisfied and often leave the work in hand incomplete. Spend money very thoughtfully. Love discipline, due to being regular in diet, health is often good. People of this ascendant have a possibility of stomach diseases. If malefic planets are placed in the ascendant or they have aspects, then there is a possibility of diseases of the nervous system. Mercury is also considered the Karak/factor of intelligence. Mars, Jupiter, and Moon are inauspicious for Virgo ascendant. Mercury and Venus are auspicious and fruitful. Venus and Mercury together are yoga karakas, that is, with the relation of Mercury or Venus, special auspicious results are obtained. Apart from being the 9th lord, Venus is the lord of the 2nd house too, therefore, it also has a marak effect. Saturn is mixed results to this ascendant. Although it is the lord of the 5th house still, being a natural malefic planet and Saturn's mool trikon Rashi/sign Aquarius in the 6th house gives especially inauspicious results. Mercury is exalted in this ascendant and Venus becomes debilitated.

1. If a person of this ascendant has a relation between Sun and Venus or Sun and Moon, then the money is obtained in the Mahadasha of the Sun. Although the Sun is the lord of the expenditure house that is the 12th house and cannot make money independently. But in conjunction with the Moon the lord of wealth house that is 11th and Venus, the lord of fortune that is 9th house, a person makes money in its dasha.

2. The combination of Sun and Venus does not give wealth to the native of this ascendant, during the Mahadasha of Venus. but if Venus is not making any relation with the Sun in the chart it becomes benefic because Venus is the lord of the 2nd and 9th house.

3. If there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the 4th house in the horoscope of a person with Virgo ascendant, then auspicious results are obtained in the dasha of both of them. The reason for this is that Venus is the ruler of the trikon/triangle and Jupiter is the lord of the 4th house, and sitting in the own the 4th house when giving aspect to the 10th house, and when two natural benefic planets aspect of on the karmic house, a good yoga will be formed. In this yoga, the dasha of Venus would have been a special Rajayoga Karak/factor than the dasha of Jupiter.

4. If Saturn of Virgo ascendant is in the 11th house, then it gives auspicious results in its dasha.

5. For this ascendants, Mars is a powerful marak because it is lord of the 3rd and the 8th house.

6. Saturn's position in the 5th house is good for this person, but sitting here, generates a yoga that there is a delay in the marriage of the person.

7. In this ascendant, if the conjunction of Mercury and Venus is in the 9th or 10th house and there is Jupiter's aspect on it, then special Rajyoga is formed.

8. Raja Yoga is also formed by Mercury in the 10th house and Venus in the 9th house or Mercury in the 9th house and Venus in the 10th house.

9. The conjunction of Venus and Moon in the 2nd or 11th house makes one very wealthy.

While analyzing the horoscope, one must keep in mind the planetary aspect in the appropriate Yogas because if the malefic planets are giving aspect on auspicious yogas, then the auspiciousness will be reduced or eliminated. Similarly, if there is a sight of an auspicious planet on inauspicious yogas, then there will be no more inauspicious effect. If auspicious yoga is in the trik bhava, then their results will be reduced. If inauspicious yoga is in the trik bhava, then their results will increase.

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