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Horoscope Prediction 2023

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

2023 Horoscope Predictions

What is my Rashi or Zodiac sign? This is a very common question most people have in their minds. From an astrology point of view, the sky is divided into twelve parts. Each part is spread about 30 degrees. Altogether twelve parts together complete a cycle of 360 degrees. Each of these parts is called a Rashi. Aries has been considered the first Rashi or sign. There are two types of zodiac signs.

· Moon sign

· Sun sign

The zodiac sign in which the moon is in the moon sign and the first letter of the person's name is obtained from the constellation in which the moon is located. Similarly, the zodiac sign in which the sun is located is the sun sign. The method of calculating Sun and Moon signs in traditional Vedic astrology is very subtle and synthetic. According to Vedic astrology calculations, if the Sun is moving in Aries Rashi/ sign, then it will appear in Aries in the sky as well. But in western astrology, this is not the case. For each sun sign time period is fixed. Usually, whatever predictions you read in newspapers and electronic media are based on Sun signs. the accurate prediction of the varshphal/year prediction is done by the horoscope analysis. Predictions help us to plan our future.

We are entering the new year 2023and everyone has some plans of their own, but when does it happen that what we plan, happens like that. As I mentioned above prediction helps us, like if you have planned to change your job, then with predictions you will get to know which time period is right. Below is the general nature and prediction of all zodiac signs. This is a general horoscope that applies to all the natives who are born within a fixed time period. Take what resonates with you.

What is Numerology and Yearly Numerology Prediction 2023

Numerology is the oldest science in the world, through which we can peep into the future and can manage or organize our future and give a definite direction to our whole life. Astrology and palmistry are mysterious and difficult subjects, but numerology is a very simple, straightforward, clear, and factual subject, with the help of which even an ordinary educated person can know the future of himself and his acquaintances. This can be easily understood by adding a little bit. The future can be predicted through numbers. Apart from being the oldest, the numerology which is studied under astrology is beneficial. It originated in India and the world got the knowledge of numbers only through India. The ancient sages, scholars, and researchers had complete and authentic knowledge of numerology and through this, they were proficient in predicting the future accurately. Numerology is a mysterious science. The movement of numbers is strange. This universe is made up of five elements. These five elements are also working in the core of man. For this reason, human beings have a direct-indirect relationship with these elements. These five elements are also working at the root of human's relationship with the earth or universe that's why our whole working method is dependent on numbers only.

Numbers also work in the root of Mantras- Science. The creation of mantras of 32, 24, and 12 letters also explains this fact. Indian great sages have given importance from one to nine numbers apart from zero. With the help of these nine numbers, such a huge mathematical structure has been prepared. There are many secrets hidden in these numbers, which have not yet been revealed properly. These numbers have a history. Each number has its own personality, philosophy, and characteristics. Before understanding the number, it is necessary to understand their specialty. In the view of Indian sages, each number contains complete history in itself. All these numbers do not leave humans so easily. For example, if someone is born on 25th April 1940, then this date will become an important part of his life. The number 25 will continue to be associated with his life. Every moment of our life is based on numbers, so it is certain that whatever we do, we will be able to do it only through numbers. These numbers are ours and they will remain with us for life. Numbers have a specific rhythm, a specific tempo, and a specific order. And this rhythm, tempo, and order can be heard only by those who believe in numbers.

Man is always eager to go to the future. Always wants to know how “ke aane wale samay main kya hoga ya aane wala samay kasisa hoga”. To solve this problem Kundli Dikhao has brought 2003 predictions for all zodiac signs. Find below the Numerology prediction for the year 2023.

What is Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is an ancient art. The origin of the Tarot is open to speculation, and many theories are around. what is known is that- over centuries- Scholars and mystics have used because as an aid to diving the future. The Tarot card is believed to be the oldest playing card in Europe. Many experts believe that the first tarot cards came about in the 14th century. Since then till now this card has gone through many changes. Accurate future prediction can be done by the Tarot method. It is not based on superstition. It has its own rules and beliefs. One must have faith in tarot card reading. If there is faith then all is well. Otherwise, all are useless, these tarot cards do not predict the future but give instructions for the future. These tarot cards show how the past has reached the present and how it will take shape in the future. No one can tell which event will happen when. But can give direction with the help of tarot cards. These predictions are possible only by interpreting the qualities obtained from the inner power. At Kundli Dikhao you can learn to use intuition to read Tarot cards. Kundli Dikhao brings to you the predictions of 2023 with tarot cards for all zodiac signs.

You can also check the horoscope predictions based on Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot on the Kundli Dikhao. This is a general prediction you can choose the one that suits you best.

Services offered by Kundli Dikhao

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