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Major Arcana Tarot

There are 22 cards in Major Arcana also known as Trumps and are thought to donate man's spiritual journey through life problems to be faced, obstacles to overcome, and life lessons to learn. "Avutti" and "Trionfi" are their French and Italian names respectively. Unlike the Minor arcana cards(which have symbols as per the name) these cards have a specific symbol that defines these cards. Anyone can guess the meaning of cards by just looking at them but only an expert can tell the exact in-depth meaning of the card according to the situation. These are not only 22 mage cards but they have a fixed sequence from 1 to 21. The fool's card is numbered 0, sometimes placed between the 20th and 21st cards or sometimes at the beginning. The cards are numbered from 0 to 21 and the fool is unnumbered. 22 cards of Major Arcana are very important and they provide a psychoanalysis of the human mind. These cards have spiritual significance. The Major Arcana cards represent the inner world. The description of major Arcan, Minor Arcana, different spreads, and how to use or work with cards is given. 


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